How to Travel with Pets

How to Travel with Pets

It’s vacation time. You love the summer as well as the chance to go to the shore. But every time you plan a trip you have to think about what to do with your pets. Many people hate the idea of traveling with pets for many reasons. However, in case you have decided to travel with your pet here are some things you should consider.

Take your pet to the veterinarian and find out if he is healthy. Check his ears, clip his nails and update his vaccines.

What type of vacation will you be spending? In case you own a young sporting dog breed, a camping or fishing vacation will be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you plan to go on a trip across the country in your motor home, you can take your poodle or the like, considering they travel well.

Consider how active your pet is and how much exercise he will need. If you own a large dog like a labrador or a retriever, it might get a bit frustrating having a 100 pound labrador pacing your camper while driving in four lane traffic.

Does your pet tolerate strangers well? Is he comfortable with any kind of situation? Traveling with a dog that is shy or a dog that barks at every little thing can ruin your vacation.

Will the climate be suitable for your pet? If your pet spends most of his life inside, he may not be able to tolerate the heat in case you are going camping or sightseeing in the south.

If you are still resolved to travel with your pet, don’t forget to “pack his bags.” Make sure that the food he is used to eating can be bought where you are going. You will also need plenty of his food for the trip itself. There is nothing worse than a bad case of dog diarrhea when you are on vacation.

Similarly, a change in drinking water can also cause diarrhea, so make sure you bring along a good supply of water for your pet. In case you are traveling with a dog, don’t forget to pack his food and water bowls as well as his chew bone to keep him occupied. Also include a sturdy leash, choker with attached tags and a chain. It is a good idea to engrave your phone number on tags, in case your pet gets lost.

If traveling with your pet sounds like too much trouble for you, you alternative option is a boarding kennel. Many of them have excellent reputation for what they offer, just make sure you schedule a reservation in advance to make sure your pet gets a proper care.