How to Build Muscle

Muscle building

The fastest way to build muscle is to exercise one body part per day of the week. You must keep the right diet and maintain the correct rest periods. This is the triangle of success: exercise, diet and rest. Let’s assume you have a Monday to Friday job. If you don’t you can adapt the sample timetable … Read moreHow to Build Muscle

How to Catch Trout


Do you know how to catch trout? The old saying that 10 percent of the fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish, is true. Mull that for a minute. Those of you who catch a lot of trout each year are probably nodding knowingly. You suspected that most fishermen don’t catch many trout. You could … Read moreHow to Catch Trout

How to Fish Crappie


Ask any American fisherman about crappie fishing and watch his eyes light up and a smile cross his face. Crappie are found in nearly every state in the nation and can be caught in so many different ways. That’s what makes them such an exciting fish to fish for. The popularity is unbelievable. The reason … Read moreHow to Fish Crappie

How to Fish a Fluke


Do you know how to fish a fluke? If you fish often enough in saltwater, you will eventually use minnows to catch a fluke . Some call them minnows. They are also called bullheads or killies, but the bait’s the same no matter the name. They may well be the best and most popular bait … Read moreHow to Fish a Fluke

How to Jog in Winter


Neither rain nor sleet nor snow should prevent the dedicated jogger from making his or her appointed jogging rounds during the winter months ahead. Here are a few tips on how to jog in winter: Stay warm but don’t restrict circulation by wearing too many bulky clothes. Experts recommend thin layer of absorbent clothing next … Read moreHow to Jog in Winter