How to Jog in Winter

How to Jog in Winter

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow should prevent the dedicated jogger from making his or her appointed jogging rounds during the winter months ahead. Here are a few tips on how to jog in winter:

Stay warm but don’t restrict circulation by wearing too many bulky clothes. Experts recommend thin layer of absorbent clothing next to the skin, then a sweat suit and, finally an outer jacket to break the wind. Be sure to wear a hat.

Check the tip of your nose periodically for numbness (the first sign of frostbite).

Wear light-weight gloves or mittens to prevent perspiration from evaporating and chilling the fingers and wool socks to keep feet warm even if wet.

Change footwear to prevent falls. Switch to a specially built running shoe with rubber cleats or a waffle-type sole for increased traction over snow and slush. Avoid winter colds by not lingering outside after running and changing clothes immediately once inside.