How to Dress for Winter Fishing

How to Dress for Winter Fishing

It is very important to know how to dress for winter fishing as proper clothing helps keep you warm in cold winter weather. Remember that 25 per cent of all body heat loss is through the top of the head. A good wool or synthetic fiber Navy watch cap is a good protector to help keep a lot of that body heat in when fishing in winter.

If your feet are cold, it is virtually impossible to keep the rest of you warm. A pair of good natural wool socks worn over a thin pair of cotton socks are good foot protectors.

Felt-lined boots work well for cold weather winter fishing. Buy a pair, and get an extra pair of felt liners that will fit the boots you have purchased. The extra pair of liners provides a change in case you wet your feet. One pair of liners can dry while you wear the other pair.

Some people perspire profusely and the moisture in their liners creates dampness which is uncomfortable. One way to dry boots is to use the end of the vacuum cleaner hose. Shove it into your boots one at a time and allow the air to blow the boots dry.

Old hair dryers of the type which have a long hose which attaches to a head covering will also work. Make sure to use the full length of the hose which comes with the dryer. Do not use the hand-held dryers which have no hose. They can create excessive heat which will ruin the dryer and the boots, or may even cause a fire if the heat buildup gets too intense.

Those cheap brown cotton gloves which are still sold seem to keep hands warm in winter even when they get wet. They are not too bulky and can be worn inside large mittens for those in-between times when nothing is happening. To make them work even better for manipulating fishing reels, for tying leaders and mono, and for baiting hooks, cut the thumb and index fingers off the ones you are actually fishing with.