How to Spike Hair

How to Spike Hair

If you have short hair, you can make yourself a cool, spiky hairdo. Now, depending on the length of your hair, you can make different spikes. If your hair is less than an inch long, porcuspikes are your only choice; they are not a very good idea for longer hair, since they will collapse. With a bit longer hair, but not more than five inches, you can make twist spikes or liberty spikes, which look the best. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow the following tips on how to spike hair.

You will need clean hair, so first shampoo your hair with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type, and then rinse it within one minute. If you use styling products every day, you should wash your hair daily and use shampoos designed specially to wash out accumulated styling products. Also, avoid using a conditioner. If you’re going to style your hair right away, leave it a bit wet; otherwise just use a spray bottle of water just before applying the gel.

Choose the appropriate spiking product, like hair glue or spiking gel, which is specifically designed to help keep spiked hair upright. Any strong gel will do, too, just don’t waste your time trying to use mousse, as it is lightweight and makes hair really limp. Hairspray is also a bad choice, as well as the ordinary gels because they can’t hold the hair strong enough. Finally, get any kind of pomade and use it if after fifteen minutes your spikes begin to change shape, fall or droop.

Porcuspikes are very thin, hedgehog like spikes. To make them, you need to spray just a small amount of water on your hair, put some gel and rub it all over your hair. Begin at the back of your head, run your hands through the hair with the palms along the scalp and the fingers between the hair strands, pull upwards with your hands, with the hair between your fingers and tighten the fingers when you get to the tips of the strands. Keep strands separated as much as possible and repeat in all sections of the hair until everything you want spiked is spiked.

For twisted spikes twist a small section of hair, starting at the base applying the product as you pull the whole spike upward. Do it one spike at a time, and when you finish spray hairspray all over it.

Liberty spikes are bigger and you’ll need to form them by hand. This is much easier to do if you can have someone hold the hair dryer for you. Form each large spike one at a time by taking a section of hair, twisting it into a cone shape with a fine point and molding it into shape while you dry it with the hair dryer.

Whichever hairdo you choose, put the gel on the palms of your hands so that they are coated with the product and apply it to the hair. Be very careful with the amount of hair styling product you use, too much can ruin the texture making it smashed together and can make your hair unevenly spiked.

You can make as many spikes as you like and as thick as you want, just don’t forget to make spikes on the back of your head, otherwise you will look silly. To do this easier you can hold another mirror behind you at an angle so as to see the back of your head. Also, it will look better if you shave the hair on the back of your neck.

If you want extra hold, blow dry with high heat and low blow hair dryer from the roots to the tips, pulling the spikes away from the scalp in between your fingers. For thicker spikes, do the same with a wide toothed comb. And if you want to make sure the spikes stay in place, you can use hairspray.

If you have a long haircut, you can try to spike your hair, but be prepared to fail. Also, you will probably not be able to do it alone, so find someone who is ready to help you. You might have to lie down so that your hair can fall toward the ground. More gel has to be applied to spike your hair, and some stronger kind, but gradually and in small amounts, one small handful at a time, being careful to distribute it evenly. Now you can start styling, but you have to work fast if you want to finish before it hardens.

Spiked hair looks great, and although this all looks complicated, it is really quite simple and doesn’t take more that 5 minutes once you’re used to making it.