How to Bleach Hair

How to Bleach Hair

You can get your dream hair color with some calculated efforts and advice from the experts. First of all it is essential for every one of you to realize that there are different types of bleaches available in the market. Combined with the bleach and other paraphernalia, you can observe the change in a single sitting – that’s how good modern day bleaching products are. We aim to improve your knowledge about how to bleach your hair with this article.

Let’s discuss the most popular kinds of bleaches ruling the present market. There are fundamentally two of them, one, being the Born Blonde type where you mix two liquids and then apply it on the hair. The other, and better one, is the Peroxide type where you mix a powder and a liquid to get the bleach done.

A peroxide kit usually contains two essential components. One, the bleaching powder and the second, the developer, which is actually the hydrogen peroxide part of the bleach. The former one comes in three colors, those being white, purple and blue and the latter in two forms, cream and liquid.

Although the color of the bleaching powder really makes no big difference to the actual bleaching action, but purple and blue deliver the hair an ecstatically natural look.

For the developer, you would want to go for the cream version, of course, because it could make things a little less messy. The developer comes with the concentration marking which sounds like 10 volumes, 20 volumes and so forth. This marks the strength of the developer, with 10 volumes being the least.

A bleaching kit comes with a set of instructions on how to apply the bleach. But before you even start with the process of bleaching, you should do the strand and sensitivity tests that are to test your adaptability to the chemical. This step is really important as different people are differently capable of internally accepting the chemical treatment of their hair per say.

Let’s take a look at the method of performing the peroxide bleach. The concentration of the peroxide base you choose should depend on the original color of your hair. The maximum advisable strength on hair is 40 volumes and that too which extra caution to avoid it touching the scalp.

Concentration of 40 volumes is really strong and can burn the skin of the scalp. Consider using 40 volumes only if you have dark black hair because that would have more pigments to be removed.

A light grey or golden blonde hair could be treated with just a 10 volume peroxide. Start the process with dry hair. It might get a little itchy but little bit of itching is normal. Needless to say, you would need two mirrors to see your forehead and back head hair.

Split you hair into four sections so that it gets easier to work on it section wise. Draw a partition from the middle of your forehead till wherever the hair goes on the back head. Make a similar one from one ear to the other. This clearly splits your hair into four sections for bleaching. Use clips if need be to hold them in that position till the bleaching process is done.

Remember that the bleach that you are using is permanent bleach for the clothes. So take extra caution not to spill over the peroxide liquid on your towel or clothing. It may permanently desaturate it.

Mix up both the components, namely, the bleaching powder and the peroxide cream, in a non metallic bowl in appropriate proportions. Starting from the back portion of your head, take any small strand of the hair and apply the mixture to it in the direction of the growth of the hair.

Remember not to bleach it to the root area in the first application of the bleach. Flip over the strand of hair and apply the bleach on the flipside. Remember to do the process as quickly as possible as you would want uniform bleaching throughout.

As you keep applying the bleach to other sections, the first section would have reached a golden yellow blond color. It is then that you should bleach that particular section again, but this time till the roots.

Continue working on all the sections of the head till complete all of them with these same procedures till the root. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

If you are not satisfied with the color of the bleached hair, repeat the entire process again with a fresh mixture of bleach powder and peroxide. This time try and apply the bleach first on the darkest spots and moving in this way to the lighter ones.

This way, the uniformity of the color stays maintained. It is always recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s information on the leaflet with the pack for safe, successful and satisfactory bleach.