How to Prevent Dog Pregnancy

How to Prevent Dog Pregnancy

What are your options if you dog has just been bred and you are not interested in her having puppies? Many dog owners find themselves in this situation and, yes, there are a few alternatives for preventing dog pregnancy.

If you think your dog is pregnant you can use an injection called a mismating shot within a 48-hour period afer conception. A mismating shot will alter the hormonal status of your dog so that the pregnancy process cannot continue.

However, there may be side effects from using this injection to prevent dog pregnancy. Firstly, your dog may experience an extended heat cycle, sometimes as long as 6 weeks.

More importantly, a mismating shot can cause your dog to get a uterine infection that will require spaying your dog or, in extreme cases, surgery.

In case a 48-hour period has passed, your best option is to wait 3-4 weeks. At this point your veterinarian will probably be able to palpate the abdominal region of your dog and detect pregnancy. However, some dogs are harder to detect than others, so this is not always a sure method.

If pregnancy is detected then you will have 2 options: either have your dog spayed or allow her to have puppies.

In case you allow your dog to have her puppies make sure you keep in touch with your veterinarian if you happen to have any concerns or issues.

What are some of the things that you can do to prevent dog pregnancy and this type of situation from happening?

Well, first and foremost, you can have your dog spayed and neutered if there is no intention of breeding.

Make sure you always keep your dogs on a leash when they are in heat cycle. Females often run away when they are in heat and males may be gone for days when they smell a female in heat. In you own a female in heat, be aware that you might have male dogs camping on your front lawn.

They sometimes tend to be aggressive and precautions must be taken particularly if you have young children around. All animals react under instinct so it is you who must be the brains of the whole operation if you want to prevent dog pregnancy