How to Finger Knit

How to Finger Knit

You have some free time and you want to make something interesting, easy and relaxing? Then finger knitting is the right thing for you! You don’t need needles, just some yarn, scissors, your fingers and a little bit of good will and patience. You can choose what you want to make, be it a scarf, a toy snake, a bag handle, a belt, a gift wrap decoration, or a headband.

Before you begin to finger knit, remember to work loosely, otherwise you will cut off you circulation and you will have difficulty taking it off your fingers. If you want to take a break, just put the loops on the pencil until you are ready to go on. And of course, don’t cut off the yarn, use the whole ball instead; this way you will make sure you have enough yarn.

You can finger knit in several ways. Here are some of them.

Put about an inch of yarn around your thumb, weave the yarn around your fingers once and make a loop on your pinkie. Then pull the loop at the bottom over the one you just made. Remember to do the pinkie and thumb twice. When you finish with your pinkie, go to your ring finger. Do that and all 3 fingers except your thumb and pinkie once. Continue until you get to the thumb and do that twice. Move onto the pointer, go to the pinkie and repeat.

There is also an alternative method: tie a loose loop with the yarn around your thumb. Weave the yarn in and out of your fingers, all except the thumb, until you have two lines of yarn showing on your fingers on both sides. Take the bottom line of yarn on your index finger and pull it over your finger, taking it up above the first line. Do the same with all your fingers. Weave the yarn in and out of your fingers again until there is another line and keep doing it until you make long enough rope-like structure of yarn, which will form at the back of your hand.

When you want to finish, take the bottom line of yarn on each finger and do as before so there is only one line in the front, then cut the yarn, leaving some extra length, and pull it through the loop on each finger. Tie a knot at both ends and gently slide each loop off each finger one at a time.

Or you can do it this way: put your left palm facing you, place the end of the yarn between your thumb and index finger, and leave about three inches on the palm side and the ball of yarn on the other. Wrap the yarn once around your index finger, then around your middle finger, then around your ring finger, then finally around your pinkie. The top of the loops should be on the palm side of your hand and the overlaps on the back side of your hand.

Wrap the yarn across your fingers from your pinkie to your index finger and let it go so it lies across your fingers above the loops. Starting with your pinkie finger, take the loop at the bottom and lift it up over the strand and off your finger. Repeat the process for your ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. The yarn will now be hanging off your index finger. Wrap the yarn across the back of your hand, around the outside of your pinkie, and across the palm, just above the stitches you just made.

When it’s about 2 inches long undo it from your thumb. Pick up the stitches and pull up and over strand on each finger from pinkie to index finger. Repeat until you get the desired length of the knitting. In the end cut the yarn, take the loops off your fingers, put the cut end of the yarn through the loops and tie in a knot.

Now all you need to do now is choose the yarn you like, and start finger knitting.