How to Strengthen Nails

How to Strengthen Nails

Nails are not the most highly looked after parts of the body, and this is especially true at young ages. The sad part of the story is that the damage is done till the time we grow up.

For those who have managed to secure their nails in acceptable conditions even after the toils of childhood, taking good care of nails is imperative.

Girls are regular users of nail paints, and this means that they become equally frequent users of nail paint removers. Repeated exposure to strong chemicals results in the erosion of the layers of nails, leaving them with weak nails prone to splitting and breaking. Thus, weak nails are more common than strong ones!

This article attempts to help people from all age groups in maintaining, repairing and strengthening their nails. If you have been disheartened seeing your nails break off at the slightest of impacts, you need to take a splash of courage from this article and the tips discussed herein.

You can expect more than a handful of diet and nail care tips to flow in as you share your concerns with other people in your social circle. The most common nail strengthening advice you’d hear is – start increasing your intake of proteins and gelatin.

The fact is that enhanced strength of fingernails is one of the trivial byproducts of eating lots of protein. However, focusing on proteins as a method directed at better fingernails hardly makes any sense for those who’d have to implement major diet changes for this.

Of course, there are no harms in taking in proteins, but certainly, doing so specifically to improve the strength of your nails is not advisable.

On similar lines, self proclaimed nail care experts contest that eating sulfur and calcium rich foods can cure nail troubles as well as endow them with greater strength. However, calcium deficiency is a particular problem that manifests itself in the form of white spots on nails.

So, an otherwise healthy person having another nail fragility problem hardly gains anything from unscientifically planned calcium rich diets. Do not grab like mad at onions and apples just because they are rich in sulfur, there are better ways to get strong nails.

Now that you know what, in all likelihood, will not work quickly for you to have strong nails, we can move on to knowing what will! Prevention, as boring as at sounds, is really better than cure. So, if you have been lucky enough to have maintained healthy nails till now, you can congratulate yourself. Others can start implementing these nail decay prevention tips right away, so that their nail troubles do not aggravate.

Avoiding contact of your nails with water isn’t practical, provided you are not hydrophobic! So, what you can do to ensure that skin and nail dampness does not result in a major trouble is to wear gloves while dealing with water. You might have noticed ladies wearing vinyl gloves while washing utensils. That is the best thing to be doing!

Buy yourself a good nail and cuticle care cream. Secondly, pledge that you’d always resist the temptation of replacing your tools with your nails! That’s exactly what you do when you try to scrape off stuff with your nails or struggle with stubborn screws with your nails instead of a screwdriver.

If you are failing with your habit of biting your nails off, try wearing an extra thick layer of nail polish so that some synthetic stuff enters your mouth every time you nibble at your nails. You can bet that your taste buds will take over and help your nails stay away from your teeth.

A wholesome nail strengthening guide can’t ask you to shun your cosmetic drawers where all your glossy and colorful nail polishes and paints reside. These products are parts of your life, and you’d rather know the best way to use them rather than disconnect yourself from them.

The problems that nail paints bring to your body are more a result of how they are removed than being inherent in their nature. When you use chemically unforgiving removers to wash off the layers of colors embracing your nails, you run the risk of weakening the nails pretty considerably and quickly.

Try to be observant for any evident deterioration in your nail surface layer after using removers. It would make sense for you to discontinue your nail polish remover if you see signs of damage. Plus, you would do well to look for more forgiving nail polish removers.

Whereas all the suggestions we have given till now aim at preventing nail damage, there are a few tips you can use to strengthen your nails quickly as well. There are quite a few nail strengthening products available in the market that are worth your time and money. These nail strengtheners are in the form of colorless nail paints.

If you can’t do without acrylic nails, you can let the layer of nail strengtheners intervene between the natural and the acrylic nail. This serves you the dual benefit of not letting the nail come in contact with the damaging chemicals of acrylic nails as well as their remover solutions.

Natural remedies are always good, but laboratory made solutions aren’t bad either, especially when you are looking for a quick solution to the problem of fragile nails. Thus, try to find a good cuticle care cream or oil for regular use. Plus, biotin supplements that are made especially for those with extra brittle nails are nice products as well.

These supplements are rich in Vitamin B and improve the keratin content that ultimately leads to harder and stronger nails. Then, there are benefits to be had from nail strengthening polishes. Of course, a nice pair of nail clippers with perfect blades is indispensable for your nail care kit.

Really, your nails are reliable indicators of your hygiene habits, so you can ill afford offering a handshake that exposes your ill kept nails to the world. So, try to inculcate as many tips discussed above as possible into your routine.