How To Stop a Toothache

How To Stop a Toothache

Do you suffer from a bad toothache but can’t go to the dentist for some reason? It occurred without a warning and it’s killing you? Be sure that you are not alone in this; many people have had the same problem as you do, and they managed to help themselves and stop a toothache, at least for some time. You can try and help yourself with one of these remedies to stop a toothache. It depends on what type of pain you are experiencing and what the reason for it might be, but surely some of these will help.

• First check for any food particles that might be stuck in your teeth. If there are any, remove them by rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water, or by using a dental floss. Be careful not to make things worse and irritate the gums.

• Warm salt water rinses usually help in stopping a toothache, even if there is no food in the teeth. Just add a teaspoon of salt into the glass of water and wash your mouth without swallowing.

• A cold compress can help if you put it on the cheek for twenty minutes or so and then remove it for about 10 minutes. Repeat this until the toothache stops. Never use a hot one because the heat spreads the infection.

• Avoid biting to let the tooth relax and heel itself. If you do eat, be careful not to eat anything hot or cold, since this can hit the nerve and cause the pain. Don’t eat any sharp food, as well. When it comes to drinks, the same principles apply – drink warm, but not hot or cold drinks.

• Clove oil and chamomile tea can numb the gums if you rub them directly on the sore area or soak a small piece of cotton and apply it to the aching tooth for about 30 seconds. Clove oil is very strong and the toothache usually stops almost immediately, but it may leave a bad taste in your mouth or sting when you apply it to the tooth.

• You can try massaging the affected area by applying a mild pressure to it.

• Another thing you can do to stop a toothache is sucking on an ice cube until it melts. Repeat this several times a day.

• Avoid letting cold air into your mouth.

• Onion is another cure for toothache. Just put a slice over the aching tooth.

• Garlic can also help. It is commonly known for its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. In this case, crush a clove of garlic and put it on the aching tooth.

• You can also consider taking drugs, an aspirin for example, but never put it on the tooth or gums, since you can make an even bigger problem if it burns the tissue in your mouth. Also, don’t try out any new pain medication to stop a toothache before consulting a doctor.

Finally, even when your toothache stops, there is a reason why it occurred in the first place. It may be a cavity or an abscess, some food caught in your teeth, or even a sinus infection. It may be something that can cause you more serious problems if not treated, and it’s not going to disappear by itself. But whatever the reason, only the dentist can recognize and solve the problem. So, before the pain starts again, take a phone and make an appointment.