How to Remove Makeup

How to Remove Makeup

It’s all fine investing a good part of the day dazzling your office colleagues or college mates with your meticulously put make up, but you surely would want to get out of your second skin when you fall back on the homely couch in the evening.

Removing make up is as important a task as putting it on! Your skin needs some breathing space so that it reflects the glow of your personality the next day. So, you’ve got to ensure that you take that make up off in the right fashion.

There isn’t much artillery you will require to be up and running with the makeup cleansing exercise.

Just a faithful makeup remover will do, accompanied with a moisturizer.

You start off with the eyes while going about removing your make up. Cotton pads gently pressed in downward motion on each closed eyelid do the trick. You’d do well to keep in mind that you should not use strong makeup removers while cleaning the eyes. Some makeup removal fluids can be particularly irritating to the eyes, and these must be avoided at all cost. And, use different cotton pads for both eyelids.

You might want to consider separate eye cleansing solutions if you are in a habit of wearing water proof eye makeup.

Once you are done with the eyes, you can then clean the rest of the makeup applied on the face or any other part of the body. Makeup removers make their presence felt in this part of the process.

Soap is not the way to be going while trying to remove makeup from one’s cheeks or any other part of the face, though you can try it out on the neck.

Get some reputed makeup removal liquid from the market and see if your skin is receptive to it.

Begin by wetting your face a little. Then, pour some of the makeup remover on your palm and gently apply on the face. Wait for a couple of minutes as the remover soaks the layer of makeup from the face.

Then, treat yourself to some splashes of water. Do not mind doing this again if you still feel some of the makeup clinging on to the face. It is well worth trying to have it removed rather than sleeping with half the makeup left on. Of course, do not forget your neck and remove any make up applied there.

You might want to consider using lukewarm water to wash off cleanser from your face. When you are done with the watery splashes, resist the temptation of rubbing it all dry with a towel. Instead, take a clean towel and give your face numerous gentle pats so that the water is soaked without your face being exposed to the risk of rashes.

Another important part of the process is to finish it well. Your skin feels the weight of all the makeup you keep on all day long.

To ensure that you wake up with refreshed skin, take help from a nice moisturizer. If you’ve been in the habit of using alcohol based toners, this step becomes all the more important.

Water based moisturizers serve you well in these situations and work towards replenishing the lost nutrients in your skin. Skipping the toner might just be a good idea for you as modern cleansers do the job of a toner as well.

Of course, you might want to stick to the toner if you have extra oily skin, but it can be dispensed with otherwise.