How to Lose Weight with Hypnosis


id you know that you can lose weight with hypnosis? Have you tried every diet on the market and still found that you could not control your weight problem? In addition, do you often feel that you are never going to muster up enough will power to lose weight? Well, if you answered yes to these questions you are not alone, as the majority of people on diets feels this way.

But do not give up because there is an answer to this problem – try hypnosis. As you are reading this your first thought will probably be, “Why is hypnosis any better than the other weight loss methods that I have encountered?” The answer to this question is that all of the other methods rely on one’s will power to lose weight, whereas hypnosis works at changing a person’s habitual eating patterns on a subconscious level. Now let us take a look at what all of this means.

How to lose weight with hypnosis

The theory behind hypnosis for weight loss is that if we partake in any behavior (eating is a behavior) long enough it will become a strong habit that becomes ingrained in our subconscious mind (the part of the mind that controls habits). In other words, it becomes second nature to us just like any other long-term habit that we have.

So, if our goal is to change a long-term eating pattern, it seems logical that we are going to have to penetrate deep into the subconscious mind where the pattern exists. Now, this may sound frightening at first, but in reality it is a simple and non-dangerous procedure. All we need is a willing subject and a mental health practitioner who is well versed in using hypnosis. There are no drugs or surgical procedures required; only the power of hypnotic suggestion.

Let us examine hypnosis a bit further. The goal here is to place the patient into a hypnotic trance so that his or her subconscious mind is more receptive to the hypnotist’s suggestions. The good thing about the subconscious mind is that it is willing, while in a hypnotic trance, to establish new behavior patterns that are suggested to it. In addition, as these new patterns become strong, the old behavior patterns become weaker. The end result being that the new behavior patterns become our dominant habit.

Relating this theory to our eating patterns, the result is that we establish new eating habits and we lose weight for good. Now you might be wondering whether it is always so simple to change a habit pattern like eating. To this question I would answer ‘yes’, as long as we are sure that we are dealing with a long-term habit. However, if our overeating is caused by other repressed psychological problems, we may need to clear these away first.

For example, let us say that a woman is gaining weight so that we can punish her husband for all the times that he put her down or hit her. Her unconscious strategy might be that if she becomes unattractive, her husband will not be sexually attracted to her and as a result he will become miserable. In a case like this, hypnosis is not the answer.

A more suitable treatment would be marriage counseling for the psychological problems followed by hypnosis for the habitual part of the problem.

Long-term habit

The fortunate point to be made here is that the majority of people with weight problems have become this way due to habit. There is usually nothing psychologically wrong with the overweight person. They have just acquired the long-term habit of overeating. In addition, they may have had parental role models who taught them ineffective eating patterns when they were young.

The good news regarding these points is that hypnotic suggestion can weaken these unwanted habits, help us lose weight and acquire the kind of body that we truly desire. However, this brings us to an important decision: ‘Are we committed to changing our eating patterns and our bodies?’ If your answer is ‘yes’, then follow these steps:

1 . Find a mental health specialist who uses hypnosis.

2. Create a deep desire within yourself to change your present eating pattern and lose weight with hypnosis.

3. In addition to hypnosis, use autosuggestion to condition your mind for change. Autosuggestion is the process of making positive suggestions to yourself. An example of this would be thinking thoughts within your mind, such as, ‘Everyday my body is looking better and better’ or ‘I am losing weight now’. If you go through this process several times each day you will discover that your subconscious mind will begin to act on these suggestions.

4. Make a decision that you are going to succeed in accomplishing your goal. It is very important that you start off with a desire to succeed. If you, on the other hand, think negative thoughts, such as, ‘I probably will not lose weight’, then your subconscious mind will keep you overweight.

5. Start an exercise program that is approved by your physician. If you find that you lack motivation in this area, start by doing exercises while watching your favorite television programs. You will be surprised at how fast the exercise time passes as you are simultaneously watching television. Also, be sure to use the autosuggestion techniques while exercising. In doing so, you will psych yourself up and the exercises will become easier each time you do them.

6. Give yourself a few months before you start judging whether hypnosis for weight loss works. Remember that hypnosis works immediately for some people and for others it takes a little time. Do not let impatience get in the way of solving your weight problem once and for all.

7. Remember that hypnosis for weight loss has been used by thousands of people throughout the world to help them lose weight and overcome other bad habits (smoking, drinking, procrastination, fears, negative self-esteem – just to name a few). Let it work for you and start creating the kind of body that you truly deserve!

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