How to Hypnotize Yourself


Everyone goes into a hypnotic state multiple times during the day without being aware of it. We experience hypnosis when driving a car or watching television. Whenever we go into hypnotic state we have the potential to make this trance state work for our desired benefit. This is where self hypnosis comes into play.

Instead of letting it happen to us spontaneously or allow a professional hypnotist to artificially induce the hypnotic state in us, we can hypnotize ourselves and direct our energy towards the goal we strive for.

Self hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool and, if combined with the right hypnotic suggestions, it can result in unbelievable changes in us.

Once you have mastered the techniques of self hypnosis you will keep them for the rest of your life and use them to increase your motivation, boost self confidence, stop smoking or even lose weight.

In order for you to hypnotize yourself you will need to go through several phases as well as use the right hypnotic suggestions. Below you will find some hypnotic scripts that you can use to hypnotize yourself.


Prepare the mind and body for the session. It is advisable you are in a good state of mind. The more euphoric and blissful you feel the better the suggestions will take form in your mind. Please note that you should not even do the session if you are in a bad or angry mood, as this could have the exact opposite effect of what you desire.


Concentration can be achieved using a focusing object like a hypnotic poster, coin, medallion, or other fixation tool. Even closing your eyes and focusing on the blackness of the eyes being closed can do the trick.


You may repeat these suggestions if necessary. The key is to obtain complete relaxation.

“I am quite calm. Nothing is important anymore. I no longer hear anything but my own voice. My arms and legs are flexible. I am breathing calmly, regularly. At each breath, I surrender more and more deeply to the pleasant feeling of tiredness and heaviness. Let go. Let it happen. I am relaxed and in control. My thoughts are becoming fluid. I feel extremely vibrant”

The Objective

“I am feeling free. Relaxed. Nothing can distract me. I hear only my voice. I will carry out to the letter everything I will now suggest to myself. Each of my words is registering in my subconscious. I will obey the commands. I cannot, nor do I want, to act in any other way. I will obey.”

Self Hypnosis Scripts

Self Hypnosis for Smoking

“In this wonderful state of peace, I have an opening to my subconscious. I am learning to resist cigarettes. I no longer want to smoke. I have no interest in it anymore. Smoking no longer interests me at all. The very idea is repugnant to me. Every time I breathe smoke, I experience this repugnance. Now, I will not smoke any more. Nothing can make me change my mind. I am happy to be able to improve my state of health by stopping smoking. Day by day, my health is improving. I will not smoke any more. Day by day, I am better at resisting my desire to smoke. I no longer experience any interest in smoking. The very idea is enough to cause a repugnance for cigarettes. As soon as I breathe smoke, my repugnance increases. I am very happy not to smoke any more. Nothing can make me change my mind. I will never smoke again.”

Stop Smoking without eating more

“I am opening my body to my mind. I can now feel my mind touch and command the inside of my body. I am concentrating on my tongue. My tongue is now completely under the control of my mind. From this moment on, my tongue will numb itself to the taste of cigarettes. Every time I light up a cigarette or see someone else light up, I will be unable to even think about putting it in my mouth. There will be no pleasure in it. It will feel dead in my mouth. Only a harsh, ugly, burning, piece of paper in my mouth.”

Self hypnosis for weight loss

“I feel it, (junk food of choice) repels me. Day by day, this repugnance increases. From this moment, I will eat no more of it. I lose (number) pounds each week. I feel considerably better. I have lost my voracious appetite. I eat (number) wholesome meals per day. I no longer eat snacks. As long as I keep focusing on this, I will lose (number) pounds per week. Day by day, my health improves. My digestion works marvelously. Eating not longer interests me. I feel quite well. Looking and feeling good are more satisfying than eating. I eat a little at each meal. I no longer Live to Eat, but Eat to Live. I only snack on the foods that are good for me (list foods). Each week, I lose (number) pounds per week. I am in the process of weighing a lean and healthy (number lbs.). I resist the temptations, because I am in control. These hypnotic suggestions will take root in my subconscious. I will carry out these commands. I feel better, day by day.”

Self hypnosis for Self Confidence

“I am quite calm. A wonderful feeling of peace and harmony spreads through my body. I feel very happy. I feel quite well in my situation. Day by day everything goes better and better. Every night, when going to bed, this wonderful feeling of peace and harmony envelops me. I fall asleep right away. On awakening, I feel fresh and rested. From this moment on, I sleep deeply. In the mornings, this feeling of peace and harmony surrounds me. I am cheerful and happy. Day by day, I feel better and better. I am more confident in all my abilities. I feel more and more power and confidence flowing through my body on a daily basis. I am bold and confident in every area of my life. My assurance and self confidence grow daily. I create my own success through the power of my mind. I feel quite well.”

Self hypnosis for Stress

“I am quite calm and relaxed. I will concentrate on everything I do and I will remain calm and relaxed internally. I will perform all my tasks in a calm and relaxed manner. Nothing can make me lose my composure. I know that I will be the victor in every situation. This certainty fills me with strength and energy. I am sure of myself. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to be the controller of my life. I complete all my projects calm and relaxed. Day by day, my peace and self-assurance increase. I am calmer and calmer. I feel quite at ease. My health improves daily. I sleep deeply. As soon as I am in bed, all my problems go away. I fall asleep right away. My sleep is healthy, natural, acts as a tonic. In the morning, I awaken rested, happy for the day. I feel quite at ease. Everything always gets better and better.”

The Deepening Process

Every hypnotic suggestion previously given will be reinforced and repeated. Try different formulas and suggestions to hypnotize yourself. For example:

“Feel it. The effect is taking place. I clearly feel the way this beneficial effect overcomes me more and more. How it grows more and more…day by day, everything is getting better for me, in every way.”

Ending the Self Hypnosis

Reverse all suggestions except the ones that you are putting in for the change to take effect. The motivational suggestions are important to lock into the mind. Give suggestions that will now bring you back out of the hypnotic trance.

“Feel it. Strength is coming back to your body. Your arms and legs are once more flexible and capable of movement. They are moving now. You are brimming with strength and energy. I will count up to three. At three, I will open my eyes and I will be completely awake, full of energy…One…Two…Three.”

Of course, these are just a few example of how you can hypnotize yourself using the right hypnotic suggestions. Adapt these to your needs or use your creativity to create your own list of hypnotic suggestions.

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