How To Have Healthy Nails

How To Have Healthy Nails

Nails are more than scraping tools for women, although men might need some serious convincing to believe otherwise. The rougher sex has known nails as tools to scratch itches and scrape off stuff from sticky surfaces. The fairer sex has a different conception of nails.

Definitely, nice nails add to the personality of a lady. No wonders, girls and ladies spend a lot of time and effort into maintaining their nails. Weak and brittle nails shout out your disregard to personal hygiene, and even men are increasingly becoming more conscious about attending to their nails.

Though women continue to dominate the client registers of pedicure and manicure centres, men are letting the nail care rapture take over as well. This article surfaces out some pieces of advice you can use to maintain the health of your nails.

Skin around the nails can easily become stone hard. Apart from resulting in the creation of irritation hubs on the skin, these hard spots magnetize a lot of dirt, soon developing into visible dark blots on your otherwise clean skin. The solution is pretty simple. You can rub petroleum jellies on the skin surrounding your nails. As an alternative, castor oil can also be used.

The idea is to keep the skin moisturized so that the hardening process abates. Plus, nail care products lend a pleasing fragrance to your cuticles apart from keeping them healthy.

Housewives and those who indulge in a decent amount of manual effort must be extra careful with their nails. Gardening and cleaning utensils are pretty regular activities for millions of women across the globe. However, not many of them realize that their nails take a battering pretty hard to withstand during all such household chores.

The solution, again, is very simple. Wearing rubber gloves while working can save nails from the torture. Women who are seriously concerned for their nails also do not mind applying a cream on the hands and nails before putting these gloves on. Ladies with long nails would do well to be careful while working in the kitchen. Scraped and broken nails are heartbreaking!

Sticking to the kitchen, there’s another pretty important tip that can be followed by women to provide for well maintained and healthy nails. After wetting your hands, let them dry off for at least a couple of minutes so that there is no dampness left behind. Skin specialists attest the fact that damp skin is an irresistible invitation for fungal attacks.

Though this might not sound too impressive, but you actually stand to gain a lot for your nails by eating food items rich in zinc and calcium. Watch out for white spots on your nails. If you find them, you must work on adding more calcium and zinc to your diet. Milk and eggs are fine sources of zinc, so do not mind asking for an extra glass of milk in the breakfast.

Keeping a tab on your sugar and alcohol intake can also work well if you are living with a set of particularly badly kept nails. Excessive saturated fats also chew away life from your nails. Grab anything that treats your body to a good dose of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

Chipping away on your nails is one of the worst habits you can have. Not only do you come across as an unhygienic freak, but also mess your nails up, sometimes irreparably. If you are a habitual nail biter, do not hesitate from applying a heavy layer of nail polish on the tip so that the synthetic invasion in your mouth stops your instincts from taking over.

For those stuck with extremely fragile nails, it would make a lot of sense to increase the intake of Vitamin B. You might know that human nails consist of keratin, a super hard substance. The same keratin is found in a horse’s hooves as well. Biotin enhances keratin, which means that including something like a 250-300 micrograms dose of Vitamin B biotin for an extended period is a good enough cure for fragile nails.

Here’s a useful nail care tip for teenagers. Filing nails is not bad, but filing back and forth might just be. Irregular and opposing strokes make your nails’ tip lose shape, so file in a single direction. Also, filing soon after taking a bath is never a good option. Wet nails are more prone to breaking off while filing than dry ones.

Your toenails require some additional precautions. For instance, wearing damp shoes is likely to lead to fungal infections in the nails area of the feet. Gym goers and morning joggers need to be more careful as they might end up wearing damp shoes for a long enough time for there being an observable damage to the nails.

Allow us to take a chemical detour here as we discuss the necessary evils of the fashion influenced world of today, that’s nail paints and polishes. These products are not a cause for concern in themselves; we are more concerned about the chemicals going into the removers that have to be used after nail paints and polishes are not required. If the product you’re using contains formaldehyde and acetone, you might have to think more than once before using those, particularly if you’ve had a history of nail troubles. Acetate based nail paint removers are safer for such people.

Plus, you find a decent indication of any deficiencies in your body if your nails present a less-than-acceptable picture in terms of the hue. If you miss the pink hue on your nails, you’d do well to start taking your nails seriously. You have other intangible benefits as incentives for paying sufficient thought to your nails. Healthy nails let you flaunt your hands and toes to the world.

You’d not mind an extra dozen pairs of eyeballs looking in awe at your hands when you attend that all important Friday night business party. So, keep those nails in good shape; they say a lot about who you are.