How to Get Rid of Back Acne

How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Some people are under the impression that back acne are different from facial acne or acne on any other part of your body. But acne on your back (or any other part of the body for that matter) come from the same place. It is not a skin condition but rather an underlying health condition usually originating from a liver overloaded with toxins.

Our back has a thicker skin than our face and contains thousands of oil-producing glands. That is why back acne are harder to get rid of than facial acne.

Back acne treatment

In case you suffer from a moderate back acne condition, it will be relatively easy for you to get rid of back acne using over-the-counter products. Get started by getting a gentle cleanser and a hefty amount of 10% AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).

Gently wash your skin (preferably under the shower) with a cleanser and dry your back afterwards. Pay attention not to rub the towel roughly, but rather just place it on your back for a few minutes and let it absorb the wetness. After your skin is completely dried, apply a thick layer of AHA to each side of your back, gently rubbing until it is absorbed.

If you suffer from severe back acne condition, you will need to include 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in your treatment, along with a cleanser and 10% alpha hydroxy acid. After cleansing and drying your skin, dispense a generous amount of benzoyl peroxide on both sides of your back and let it dry completely. Then apply 10% alpha hydroxy acid very gently by just letting your palms glide over your back. Don’t rub.

NOTE: Benzoyl peroxide can bleach fabric, so make sure you wear a white undershirt during the treatment. Even after it is absorbed, sweating can reactivate it and ruin your colored clothes.

Additional tips for getting rid of back acne

Dial soap can also help you get rid of back acne. It is antibacterial, so you really need to take care how you use it because it can have a drying effect on your skin.

Use a clean wash cloth every single time you take a shower and avoid using body brushes or loofas, as they collect mold and bacteria that will deposit right back onto your skin as soon as you take the next shower, worsening your back acne condition.

Make sure you shower immediately after working out or excessive sweating.

Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated at all times can help you get rid of back acne by removing toxins from your body.

When using a self tanner, go for a spray self tanner. They tend to be more drying since they have a little bit of alcohol in them. It will dry up as well as cover up your acne.

Back acne causes

No one can pinpoint the exact cause of back acne. All we know is that they appear only after puberty (after the oil glands on the back reach maturity) and that acne-prone individuals overproduce skin cells inside the pores which tend to stick together creating a zit. Basically the causes of back acne and facial acne are more or less the same.

However, many cases of back acne are caused by irritation brought on by anything rubbing against the skin (tight clothes, backpacks etc). Back acne can also be caused and aggravated by moisture (sweat in particular).

So, it stands to reason that you should avoid wearing tight clothes and replace them with breathable cotton clothes instead to prevent oil glands from becoming clogged. Also, try not to carry your possessions in a backpack, especially while under the regimen.

Getting rid of back acne is usually harder than removing their facial counterparts. However, don’t despair. If you follow the aforementioned skin care tips and combine them with proper nutrition and abundant water consumption, you will manage to get rid of back acne in no time.