How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

Depend on a sore throat to disrupt the natural rhythm of your body. There is hardly anything as discomforting as a sore throat. With lots of trash clogging the very tunnel of breath, there is no way you can enjoy your day or even perform your important routine tasks in such a condition.

To make matters worse, we all seem to be careless as regards the treatment of sore throat. Thus, it makes sense to invest some time in finding the answer to how to get rid of a sore throat so that in the unfortunate event that you end up with this malady, you know what route would lead to an early recovery.

Convincing yourself that the time to pay the doctor a visit has arrived is not an easy task, and you have to perform this demanding mental exercise as a grand leap towards a quick recovery from your irritating sore throat.

Soreness in the throat for a period longer than 5 days is a serious push to your system, and this necessitates consultation from a doctor. There are pretty substantial chances that there would be infections of the likes of tonsillitis behind your disease.

Detection of the presence of one or more of such bacteria is indispensable for early treatment. The doctor could consider administering penicillin for cure. Mention allergies, if any, that you have from the drug that your doctor suggests.

Stepping up the amount of fluids you consume when suffering from a sore throat has beneficial effects. The post nasal drip associated with a sore throat is among the more irritating discomforts caused by sore throat.

Additional drinking of fluids can abate the build-up of this post nasal drip and hence keep you comfortable. Also, the fluids help in keeping the body hydrated. Avoid excessively cold drinks and only go for the mild ones such as lukewarm tea.

Inhaling steam is arguably the most effective and easy tool to alleviate a sore throat condition. The throat snot that a sore throat brings is highly irritating. It also leaves an almost painful dry sensation in the throat. Inhalation of vapors keeps this under control.

inhaling steam

Adding a drop or two of medicated inhalant to steam vapors can really yield great results and help you recover quickly from your sore throat.

You could also think about having a humidifier in your room. With moisture-rich air, you can at least mitigate the dryness in the throat and hence reduce your discomfort. These are simple tricks really, and you would do well to keep them in mind while you wonder as to how to get rid of a sore throat.

Talking of easy to use tips and tricks to beat the sore throat, one can’t afford missing out on the traditional saline water solution! You can depend on a glass of water with a tablespoon of salt mixed in to show good results in reducing edema.

Edema is the swelling in the throat, and the reason for this is the excessive water concentration in the cells that line the throat. Gargles of saline water go a long way in drawing out the excessive water from the cells and hence reducing inflammation.

You would do well to repeat a 30 second gargling exercise after every four hours. A point you’d want to keep in mind here is that too much of salt is not too good either. So, stick to the suggested frequency for best results.

Decongestants have also gained some reputation of being efficient alleviators of throat pain. They clear the clogged nasal passage and hence allow the free flow of oxygen inside the body. Decongestants mitigate mucous by acting upon it.

Nasal sprays have also shown fine results. For those who prefer more conventional intake mediums, there are pills available in pharmacist shops as well.

Keep your experimentation gloves away and make it a point to stick to well known and dependable pain relievers like Acetaminophen while fighting a sore throat. This suggestion comes with some strong reasons. Sore throat is often accompanied by flu, and this is enough reason for you to stay away from aspirin.

You could otherwise be staring at Reyes syndrome, which is all the more likely in children. Reyes syndrome is a condition of more than bearable pressure development in the brain.

Ibuprofen use also demands discretion. The next time somebody asks you how to get rid of a sore throat, do not forget mentioning this invaluable advice.

Apart from medicines, there is a degree of caution suggested with instruments of treating sore throats as well. This necessitates coming back to humidifiers mentioned above. Steam vaporizers, despite being great devices when being used by adults, pose some problems when the users are clumsy children.

Steam vaporizers are not the ideal toys for children, and even an instant’s carelessness can lead to some undesirable aftereffects with your child, so you are strongly advised to keep a stern check while the child takes steam vapors from the device. Ultrasonic humidifiers emerge as relatively safer bets with children, but they pose the problems of accumulation and dispersion of bacteria and minerals.

You would be doing yourself irreparable harms if you do not curb down your smoking while suffering from a sore throat. Of course, this does not hold for non smokers. However, the idea is to stay away from smoke, so non smokers too have to ensure that they keep away from any other smoker. Cigarettes and tobacco can be really detrimental to an existing sore throat condition.

You would also do well to stay calm and not speak too much so that your throat does not have to engage in any avoidable movements. Not only will staying silent avoid undue pain, it will also contribute to a speedier recovery.

One should also avoid chewing gums if he/she happens to be suffering from a sore throat.

Cough candies are likely partners in your boring hours of idleness while you are down with flu and a sore throat. One must take caution and not go overboard in consuming such candies as they can actually leave your throat dried and tired.

Apart from all the above mentioned tips and suggestions that can help you recover fast, there are some equally helpful and easy to implement tricks that can be of use. Most of these revolve around homemade solutions that have stood the tests of times and are still employed widely among those struggling with a sore throat.

Honey and warm water have something gentle about them, and a sore throat necessitates the intake of anything and everything that is gentle!

Pour a tablespoon or two of honey and add some warm water to it. Mix them up really well and do not hesitate if you have to tap your spoon in the saucer for a minute or two. Drink it up and wait for the solution to spring into action. Ideally, you should try to get yourself a couple of hours of sleep after taking medicines or any homemade solutions.

Also, try to see if sitting upright helps. It is more likely that your nasal clogging will reduce when you sit upright.

The importance of knowing what to avoid while fighting a sore throat is as important as doing what it takes to get over the pain. For instance, it is common for patients to go overboard in their hot tea drinking.

Definitely, hot tea helps relieving a sore throat, but too much of too hot tea is equally harmful as it can leave you fighting ulcers along with an uncured sore throat!

Avoid speaking, shouting and even singing as much as you can. Singers would know that it is possible but absolutely unwise to sing with a bad throat, for purely medical reasons alone. Apart from sounding really bad, singers run the risk of seriously aggravating their sore throat conditions if they do not use discretion.

Do not indulge in demanding activities. If you fail to recognize any considerable betterment in your condition despite having followed the advices mentioned above, do not keep on wondering as to how to get rid of a sore throat by merely applying simple household tricks.

You could well be staring down something more alarming and it would make a lot of sense for you to head off to a doctor and get a throat culture done.