How to Cure a Cough

How to Cure a Cough

Not many routine common diseases get as irritating as the bad old cough. Though the person suffering from a cough would not be accommodative enough to be told so, but a cough actually has a couple of categorizations! There’s a dry cough, the one that does not have any phlegm blocking the throat, and then There’s a wet or productive cough which can act as outlet to the clogging phlegm. Some simple and easy to follow tips can tell you how to cure a cough without having to rush to the doctor straightaway.

Dry coughs can get severely troublesome as all the while you cough, your agony multiplies! Ideally, you would want to take some antitussive cough mixture in such a scenario. Such mixtures help by reducing the body’s natural reactions and inclinations to cough.

Wet coughs, on the other hand, require you to look for expectorant cough medicines which help in rescuing your lungs from the clutches of mucus.

Getting some aid from vapor rubs and cough lozenges from the local pharmacy can be of prime benefit in case you have been struggling with a dry cough. Made from the bark of the slippery elm tree, these gels are used to gently massage the throat and can go a long way in curbing down cough.

Productive coughs are best treated with household mixtures like the reliable concoction of bittersweet horehound and aniseed.

Talking of easy and effective homemade answers to how to cure a cough, you might want to give a shot to the trusted solution of around 2 tablespoons of lemon extract and half the amount of honey, with an optional pinch of cayenne pepper. There are strong medical reasons behind this seemingly crazy cocktail. Honey coats your throat tissues and soothes them whereas lemon reduces the painful inflammation of the same apart from being a source of Vitamin C that helps fight infection. Honey is by far the most widely relied upon substance that can help one recover quickly from a nagging cough.

You could try a little modification to the formula by replacing cayenne pepper with freshly grated onion. Onions release irritants that can quicken the onset of phlegm which is eventually thrown out of the body through coughing.

A cough can leave you with a paining throat, and eating and drinking might not be the most inviting options for you in such a scenario. However, there are some suggestions that vouch for the effectiveness of cough calming teas as good sources of relief against cough.

Thyme tea made by mixing a couple of tablespoons of fresh thyme with hot water can relax your respiratory tract and quicken up the healing process. On similar lines, a little dose of marshmallow tea is another reliable homemade medicine to ward off the pain of a cough ravaged throat. Drink a couple of cups of such cough soothing teas and you would notice the difference the next day.

Though this might sound a little odd, but you can try out a technique or two of coughing and reduce the discomforts brought on by a cough. If you sense an attack of coughing on the surge inside your body, try to begin coughing with a series of short coughs and then end it with a strong cough. This will escalate mucus up the respiratory track and help in expelling it out of the body quickly. Of course, your body teaches you to cough in a manner so that there is as little pain as possible while coughing.

Although most of these tips that answer your ‘how to cure a cough’ questions have stood the test of times, you would do well to be observant and see if your cough has stuck around for any uncommon length of time. In such a case, it would make all the sense to consult a doctor as there might be worse bronchitis problems at the core of it all.