How to get rid of fruit flies

How to get rid of fruit flies

Are you finding fruit flies in your kitchen unbearable? These small insects are stubborn and unpleasant since they seem never to disappear whenever you have fruits and vegetables lying on your kitchen counter. You can, however, kill fruit flies using the following simple technique.

Set a trap

For you to trap fruit flies, you should identify their source. These flies love sugary things such as fruits, vinegar, and sweet wine.

The vinegar trap is one of the best fruit fly traps that are easy to use. You can use a large bowl or a tall bottle to trap these insects. Put balsamic vinegar in your container and cover it with a wrap and seal it with a rubber band.

Use a toothpick to make some small holes on the wrap such that the fruit flies can get trapped and not escape. You can also make a paper funnel and place it in a bottle of cider vinegar. Place it in a location that is prone to fruit flies and see how many you trap.

Alternatively, you can also mix soap with vinegar. The solvent will allow them to drown in water as they follow the vinegar. If you don’t have vinegar, use place some ripe bananas into a bowl and cover them with a wrap. Prick some holes on the plastic wrap and catch some fruit flies.

Avoid exposing your fruits


The fermentation of fruits is also attractive to flies. This happens from the further ripening of fruits if you leave them for long without consuming them. Always store these fruits in your fridge so that the temperature in the refrigerator makes them not get overripe all at once.

If you don’t have a fridge, ensure that you store your fruits in paper bags to keep the fruit flies out. This will also keep the warmth out so that they don’t degrade quickly and produce ethanol which draws flies. Wash all your fruits before storing them to get rid of the sticky substance on them that may harbor eggs from the breeding.

Clean dishes regularly

The breeding and multiplication of fruit flies happen fast is you leave dirty utensils in your kitchen for long. These flies lay eggs on dirty plates and cups and start increasing. Make it a habit of cleaning your dishes after meals. You can also soak them in water if you don’t wash them immediately.

Reduce the dampness in the kitchen

Your kitchen towels can also facilitate the breeding of fruit flies. Do not assume that your kitchen cloths are clean because they don’t smell. Wash them with warm water and soap and leave them out to dry before using them often.

Take care of the trash


Fruit flies also like the fermentation that takes place in garbage bins. Ensure you empty the bin regularly and clean it. Keep it covered so that you can contain any smells that attract insects. Instead of throwing vegetable peels into the bin, dispose them on your garden.

Use essential oil

Most essential oils such as lavender act as a repellant for fruit flies. Identify the areas where they tend to accumulate and use a basil plant to get rid of them. You can also use basil leaves on your fruits since they have a strong smell that is unpleasant to fruit flies. You can also buy cedar balls to eliminate these flies from your kitchen.

Use gel to clean your kitchen drain

Sometimes, fruit flies lay their eggs on the kitchen drain. There are drain gels that are designed to get rid of fruit flies to prevent their infestation. You can also clean your drain with soap and warm water regularly.