How to convert youtube to MP3

How to convert youtube to MP3

There are many services to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 file that you can listen to without an Internet connection on your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. AudioMP3 is one of these very effective services.

1 – On YouTube, select the address of the page where the video you want to recover in MP3 is located. Copy it with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C.


2 – Go to


3 – Click in the field displayed on the screen and paste the address of your video (Ctrl + V). Click the magnifying glass or press the Enter key.


4 – The service shows you the corresponding videos. Click Download next to the first video.


5 – Click Download MP3.


6 – Once the file is converted and ready to download, click Download ready. There you go!


alternative : savetomp3