How to Tint Car Windows


Before even attempting to tint the windows on your or someone else’s car you should first familiarize yourself with the car tinting laws in your area. Depending on where you live there may be laws against making the windows on your car too dark.

In some countries you’re allowed to make your back windows as dark as you want but you’re not allowed to tint them that much or at all in the front windows.

First a piece of advice for you in case you just want to tint one car, you can do yourself and your bank account a favor by just letting a professional that has the tools and experience do it.

For just one car it isn’t worth it, not only do you have to shell out the money to buy all the tools and the tint film chances are that you won’t get it right on the first try, so you’ll have to buy more film which just adds to the cost.

So if you really want to tint the windows on one car letting a professional do it is a far better option than trying to do it yourself.

On the other hand if you want to learn how to tint car windows then this is a good place to start as any. Tinting windows isn’t something you can learn in a day, it takes, like all good things a lot of trial and error until you can tint any car on the first try.

There are many techniques for tinting car windows but you should always get the basics down first and burn them into your mind because whatever technique you learn later on if you don’t know the basics you will have problems later on.

You first need to find the right space for tinting, this should ideally be a wind and dust free environment, a clean garage will do perfectly.

Before you start applying the film onto the window you should first make sure that the window is clean, dirt or dust on the window can make application more difficult.

When you’re learning how to tint car windows your success rates are as much about your technique as they’re about feeling comfortable with what you’re doing. Some people start out with techniques that are among the hardest and yet for them they’re easier than any other, that’s because they’re comfortable using that technique.

Tools of the trade

Preparation is half the battle and in that spirit make sure that you have all the right tools ready before you try to tint.

Heat gun

If you just have a small budget and want to get started as soon as possible you can get a decent heat gun at hardware stores for as little as $50 but if you can you should get a quality heat gun, Makita makes the best heat guns in the business and while they are relatively expensive you should consider it a long- term investment.

You can either buy a $50 heat gun now which might break down in 2 months or you could buy a Makita now which will set you back a little over $100 but you’re paying for quality.

Tinting squeegee

Having a good tinting squeegee is essential. Together with the heat gun this is your main tool.

Spray bottles

Any spray bottle that can be filled with water and dishwashing soap will do.

Utility knife

If you already have a favorite utility knife you can use that but if you don’t we highly recommend OLFA utility knives, they’re among the best in the industry.

Now that you have all the tools you need, it’s time to get started. Cut the tint film in shape for the window you want to tint, if you don’t want to bother with this there are companies that make pre-cut tint film for specific cars.

Mix together a water and dishwasher solution and fill it into the spray bottle. Spray the window you want to tint with the water-dishwasher solution and apply the tint film.

Using the squeegee go over the film and push out the residue, in the initial wipes you can go left-right and then once most of the residue is out you will use a heat gun and squeegee to remove any leftover bubbles.

After you have removed most of the water underneath the film check if everything is as you want it to be and let it rest for a few minutes. If any bubbles appear on the film use the heat gun and squeegee to push them out without applying too much force.

If you can’t get rid of the bubbles using that technique you can carefully use the utility knife to pierce the bubble and then you can try pushing the water out.

That’s it, if you did everything correctly your car windows should now be tinted just like you want them, if not…well, practice makes perfect.

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