How to Get Rid of Dandruff


Dandruff, a scaly disorder of the scalp, is a benign affliction that almost half of the human population suffers from, regardless of age, sex and ethnicity. Dandruff is a problem of cosmetic nature and is typically viewed only as a source of esthetic disturbance because it is neither life-threatening, nor a source of pain. It … Read moreHow to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to cure a sore throat naturally using essential oils

essential oils

Do you have a sore throat, but you’d rather cure it with natural treatments? You’re not alone. Sore throats are a common ailment that will often pass without any treatment or medicine. Despite this, people with sore throats still often search for treatments to hasten the healing. Why not use over-the-counter medicines? Those are often … Read moreHow to cure a sore throat naturally using essential oils

How to camp

How to camp

Technology has made life more efficient than ever before. However, along with technology comes a speedier pace and more stress. A camping vacation may be just the way to relieve stress. After learning how to camp, the relaxed pace can provide the perfect opportunity to nurture children’s respect and love of nature. Spotting wildlife while … Read moreHow to camp