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How to Plan a Winter Cruise

Winter Cruise

With winter cruise season and the lure of warmer climes close at hand, here are some suggestions on how to plan a winter cruise and help guard your health while assuring you of a pleasant trip.

Motion sickness can be one of any trip’s unpleasantries, but many drugs are now available that will forestall that queasy feeling. Eat lightly just prior to embarking and if you do feel nauseated in spite of the medication, lie down, keep quiet – if you are on a ship, that is. If you are taking an airplane, try to get a seat near the wings where less motion is felt.

Native cooking sometimes plays tricks, too. If you are troubled by an upset stomach, do not take any food for a while, and drink only strong boiled tea. Your family doctor will recommend kaopectate or bismuth subcarbonate capsules to take along to control the condition. Also, remember that in higher altitudes, such as Mexico City which is situated on a mile-high plateau, your stomach needs a much longer time to digest meals.

If you suffer from allergies, be sure to take whatever preventative remedies you require before your winter cruise. Also, carry a prescription for any drugs you may need abroad. If you wear glasses, take along one extra pair or a prescription for the lenses in case they are broken.

Your prescription can be filled in most parts of the world. Ideally, every traveler should carry a first-aid kit as part of his luggage. Of course, it need not try to rival the supply room of a hospital, but it should be geared to the climate and the kind of activities that you have scheduled. If you’re headed for the sub-tropics, be sure to include insect repellent, salt tablets, and sun tan lotion. For relief when your eyes are inflamed or tired from dust, smoke, or sun glare, include eye drops when packing your kit.

The rest of your kit may be fitted out with aspirin, band-aids, adhesive tape, a tube of vaseline, two sterile compresses, a small bottle of iodine and foot powder. Add a few packets of pocket-sized tissues, and you’re all set for a pleasant winter cruise.

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