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How to Pack for Travel

Travel packing

The stress of packing and traveling on those holiday trips, whether long or short, can be greatly eased with what boils down to one thing – simple preparation. How you go about that preparation is the trick.

Follow these tips on how to pack for travel and it’s a good bet the trip will be easier and far more pleasant:

• Call your carrier in advance to verify departure time.

• Confirm airline, hotel and car rental reservations prior to leaving.

• Prepare baggage the night before to ease the morning crunch.

• Call hotel in advance for crib availability, baby sitting services and discounts when traveling with children.

• Pack medicines, itineraries, credit cards, ID, tickets, passports and visas in carry-on luggage for accessibility.

• Keep medication in its original prescription bottle to prove identity.

• Remove excess information from wallet such as unnecessary credit cards or membership cards, to avoid headaches in case it’s stolen.

• Prepare a list of credit cards with account numbers and phone numbers; keep it in a separate place for easy follow up in case they are lost or stolen.

• Have car tuned before a long trip; check spare tire, oil and water. Pack jumper cables, extra oil and water, flares and a blanket in case of a breakdown.

• Pack extra batteries or battery chargers for beepers, cameras, portable phones, computers and children’s toys.

• Exchange some currency prior to departure for paying cabs, skycaps, etc. when traveling abroad.

If you are concerned with how to pack for traveling the aforementioned tips will surely help make your traveling a more enjoyable experience.

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