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How to Water Ski Safely

Water Skiing

Nearly 20 million American water ski each year. According to all available statistics on water ski accidents, less than 3/1000ths of one percent of these skiers are ever injured in a water-skiing accident during a season. It is important to know, however, this excellent water skiing safety record exists because most boaters and water skiers are safety conscious.

The following basic water skiing safety rules should be thoroughly understood by all skiers and any person who will be towing skiers. Learning them will help ensure water-skiing safety and enjoyment.

For the skier

• Take instructions from a qualified teacher.

• Know the proper water ski signals and use them.

• Hold up a ski after a fall if other boats are nearby.

• Know your driver and his ability, and agree in advance on signals, desired speed and the general path of the boat.

For the driver

• Use a rear-view mirror, take along an observer who can watch the skier constantly while you concentrate your attention on what’s happening ahead and around you. Be aware of the skier behind the boat.

• Keep your boat clear of others – swimmers, fishermen, other boats, other skiers.

• Shut off the engine before the skier proceeds to get into the boat.

• When a skier falls, return immediately for the skier – then pick up any ski equipment in the water.

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