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How to Buy a Bike


With bike prices racing up to $3,000, you might want to consider more than the color when you buy a bike. Before you ride like the wind, stay on the ground and consider how you really ride to find what you need.

Buying a bike is like finding a prescription. And getting a bike prescription involves first finding out what kind of biking you’ll be doing, whether you’re a triathlete, mountain biker or easy rider.

It’s where you place yourself. Pick it up according to the purpose you’re using it for. The guy selling it doesn’t know that. You have to tell him.

After finding what kind of biker you are, you can choose which type of bike you’ll need. From there, it just depends. You couldn’t do everything with one type of car. One bike is not going to do it all.

If you’re a mountain-biker, ask yourself what full off-road use means to you? Is it a dirt road behind the house? Is it aggressive? People who prefer to stay on more commonly-traveled trails don’t need to spend much on aggressive bikes.

Beginning mountain bikers are advised to back up in their riding expectations. You really aren’t going to ride this bike everywhere you think. Also ask yourself what kind of shape you’re in to propel the bike. Can you handle it? Racing requires a different bike and different questions.

Racers should ask themselves how competitive they are. Are you just a participant or do you want to win? Are you training and racing on the bike? Are you in good shape? Experienced? These are all important question in need of a concrete answer before you resolve to bike a bike.

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