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How to Improve Bowling Approach

Bowling Approach

Whether bowling for fun or in more serious competition, there are fundamental concepts of five-pin bowling which will help to increase scores. Remember, no two individual bowlers are alike, therefore you must find a technique which is comfortable for you and then stick with it. When we discuss delivery of the ball, it’s broken down into three simple steps: stance, approach and final delivery. We will deal with bowling approach now.

Bowling Approach

As you take your first step, the ball is pushed slightly upward and away from your body which tilts a bit forward as your off hand moves out to the side to help maintain your balance.

Your throwing arm then moves the ball downward and back in a straight line into the backswing. The backswing is coordinated with your next step.

During the backswing make sure that your wrist is locked underneath the ball and that your arm is close to your body. Any unnecessary movements during the bowling approach will affect the path of the ball.

The final step in the bowling approach is the slide. The length of your slide is determined by the speed of your approach. Uniform speed will help retain your balance during the approach and into the delivery.

Try this to control your speed on the bowling approach: to slow down, reduce the length of your first step; to speed up, increase the length of your first step.

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