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How to Apply Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Looking your best on your wedding day doesn’t mean a trip to the ladies room every 20 minutes. With all the kissing, crying and eating, the last thing a blushing bride needs to worry about is wilting in the middle of the wedding festivities.

With some advance planning and carefully chosen cosmetics, you can be sure to look your prettiest on your special day.

Here are some make-up tips for your wedding day to keep you beautiful and confident about your looks:

• To keep your lips “kiss-proof” and looking their best, be sure to wear a no-smear lipstick that doesn’t leave traces on people’s faces. From sealing your vows with a kiss to kissing everyone goodbye as you leave for your honeymoon, a long-lasting, no-smear lipstick will stay on your lips and keep them looking their “kissable” best.

• The ceremony is a teary time for every bride, so it’s important that eye make-up stays in place. Use no-smear, waterproof mascara which won’t run or smudge across your face when you’re fighting back those tears. And, an added bonus, the mascara’s special formula lengthens and thickens lashes for a wide-eyed look in all your photographs.

• Your family and friends will be admiring your new wedding ring, so you’ll want your hands to be at their prettiest. A do-it-yourself manicure will look professional if you take the time to do it right. Start with a base coat to make your nails more resistant to breakage and to increase the longevity of your manicure; it also serves as a smooth base for your polish.

Then, apply chip-proof nail polish in a color shade that complements your bridesmaids’ dresses. Be sure to apply two coats for a smooth look and even color. Finally, apply a top coat to protect your nails from unexpected chips and a professional finish look.

A powder eyeshadow rather than a creamy one is the best way to keep your eyes sparkling for all those flashing cameras. For an extra shimmering effect, add a touch of iridescent shadow. Or, add touches of blue in the corners to make the whites of your eyes look bigger.

• Remember to add a touch of blush high on your cheekbones to maintain your radiant glow. To light up your whole face, apply a gentle sweep of blusher to temples, earlobes, chin and the bridge of your nose. For oily and combination skin types, powder blushes are best.

Now that you know how to apply wedding makeup, go ahead and enjoy the most beutiful day in your life.

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