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How to Apply Makeup for Black Women

Makeup for Black Women

Applying makeup the right way, or in a manner in which it compliments rather than distorts a woman’s features, can be tricky business, especially for young black women who may be experimenting with makeup products for the first time. Many women have not had the opportunity to consult with an expert on what products are best for their skin, which makeup colors will enhance their particular skin color, and the correct way to apply blushes, shadows and lipsticks.

Further complicating the makeup picture for black women, is the fact that its only been in the last decade or two that makeup colors have been created specifically for them.

And, black women often get caught in the trap of “if it’s a dark color, it must be for me.” That’s one of the reasons so many light and dark skinned women wear the blackest of the berry shades of lipstick, when a lighter shade might be more complementary to their skin tones. Young black women are experimenting more with makeup, but lack the application skills.

It’s true that more young black women are wearing makeup today than 10 years ago. But it’s apparent that there is a need for instruction on the correct make-up techniques.
Makeup is not a mask, it’s to enhance your good features and minimize your imperfections. On a young face less is better.

Makeup Tips for Black Women

Foundation – Choose a foundation that is as close to your natural color as possible. Foundations should be applied sparingly and a natural, well-blended look is suggested. Use a cotton swabstick to apply foundation. The product should be applied in dime-sized amounts to the middle of the forehead, on the sides of the cheek and at the the tip of the nose and chin. To blend properly, use a sponge and light firm strokes.

Eyes – Shape, depth and color should be considered when accenting the eyes, A simple trick is applying eye shadow lightly on the inside of the eye to almost halfway, then begin deepening the color as you approach the outer eyelid. Browns and grays applied to the crease of the eye will widen eyes and give them depth.

Blushes – Blushes should be applied to the upper part of the cheek as your smile. Many women do not blend their blush well and it tends to give it an unnatural look.

Lips – Line the lips first with a lip pencil and use a lipbrush to apply lipstick or lip gloss. Using a lipbrush will insure better control and less of the product will be used.

For young black women who want a natural look, lipgloss gloss may be the answer. Young women who have begun experimenting with makeup should read articles and current material on makeup application and visit places that sell quality makeup lines for black women.

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