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Environmental Articles

Pollutions from land sources - oil seeping into our ground water; toxic effluent from factories and debris washed down in our gully courses - are destroying invaluable coral reefs. We continue to cut down trees in our hillside forests, destroying the habitat of thousands of species; reducing our river flows to mere trickles; exposing valuable soil to erosion; and reducing rainfall and vital ground water resources.

Our consumers continue to buy and support products and activities that are harmful to the environment, paying scant regard to the warnings and reports about the consequences of using those items. And despite the increased coverage of environmental matters in mass media, many of our people remain ignorant or disinterested in issues related to protection of the environment.

Our people continue to poison our water with agricultural chemicals; to pollute the air by burning dangerous substances such as old tyres and discarded motor vehicle batteries; and to devastate the land by carelessly discarding oils and chemicals and by destroying the protective foliage which preserves our soil.

And while the destruction of our environment continues, too many of our citizens, corporate and individuals, are doing little or nothing tangible to halt the process.

As a nation, we need to protect our environment. The world is depending on us.