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Are you one of those who can't but think there is something seriously wrong with today's society? Unfortunately, very few contemplate on these issues and just take for granted everything society provides and proposes.

People are too indifferent and unresponsive and there is a ubiquitous sense of apathy all around the globe. This feeling of emotional voidness is especially present in young generations and the lack of mental stimulation might be the culprit.

The young should be encouraged to take part in social issues and become concerned with what goes on with their government and nation's politics and economics. People are reluctant to vote because they think their opinion doesn't matter.

Maybe the technological society we live in made them indifferent to what goes on in the offline world. Kids get back from school, go to their rooms and watch the TV or surf the Internet not caring about anyone or anything else. So, 10 years from now, nations will have generations of unemotional and indifferent adult who don't know the first thing about what it takes to build a healthy society let alone contribute to building one.

Whatever the reason, it is precisely this lack od concern that makes societies all around  the world take a downward plunge.

Broaden you mind and start caring because You can make a difference!