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How to Rent a House

House rent

Looking for a house to rent? You need help? Whether you are a student looking for a place to live in a new town, an experienced tenant wanting a change, or just a person in need of a temporary residence, this is the right article for you. Stay with us and read some advice on how to rent a house.

• First, decide what you need. What is it that you want to rent? Is it a house, a studio flat, or just a room? Do you want to be the only tenant or you don’t mind having a landlord or a landlady living with you? Maybe you want to split the rent with other tenants or a roommate? Do you mind sharing a bathroom or a kitchen? Do you already have furniture you can use, or do you want to have everything furnished? Where do you want to live and for how long? How many rooms do you need if you want to rent a house or a flat? Is there anything else you might need, like a nearby parking, school, supermarkets? Do you want a garden? How important is it to you to live near your work, or friends and family? Do you care about close by restaurants and bars? Are neighbors important to you?

• After you have decided on all the specifics, think about your budget. Ask around about the prices, so that you don’t pay too much. Some agents give the weekly rental price, while some give the monthly rental price. Just be careful, if a week rental price is £400, it doesn’t mean that a monthly rental price is £1,600 a month. Instead, you should multiply the weekly rent by 4.33, and you will get the monthly rental cost. Also, once you’ve decided how much you can spend, don’t look into anything that goes beyond that.

• Now, don’t forget about other expenses you may likely have, like taxes and insurances, utility bills. You might as well be required to leave a deposit, which is usually a months rent. Also, you will probably need to pay for the removal company. If you hire a letting agent, you will also have to pay him a fee, so ask in advance how much that is going to cost.
Once you have made up your mind, you can start searching for a suitable house to rent. You can do that in several ways.

• You can ask around or consult your friends or relatives. They may already know if someone is renting a house nearby.

• You can look into the local newspapers and go through the rental adds, but this might take some time, since you will probably have to wait some time until something appropriate comes out.

• Another way is to look for help from an agency. There are many real estate agencies, you just have to walk around and see which one has what you need. You have to be persistent and visit as many of them as you can, and then stay in touch with them, since properties come and go quickly.

• The best way to search for the rental property might be the Internet, since there are thousands of agents all in one place. You can search by price or any other criteria, and you can get detailed information on each property, including the photos and plans of the property, so that you don’t have to personally go and see it for yourself. The Internet search saves you a lot of time when renting a house and makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for.

When all this has finished and you think you have found what you are looking for, its time to view the property. You need to make sure it really is what you are looking for, since it is going to be your temporary home. In addition to checking all the things we already mentioned above, you should also check the condition of the house you are going to rent as well as whether any repairs will be needed. Also, don’t forget to check the inventory if you decide to move in, as well as all meter readings. Now, all you have to do is to rent a house, move in and make yourself at home.

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