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Real Estate Buying

Buying a real estate takes know-how. It is not a job for an amateur. An amateur cannot be expected to understand the many legal and financial complexities which may arise in any transfer of real property.

What is needed in any property-buying situation is a professional. A professional is qualified to give expert advice on matters of taxes, maintenance, quality of construction and adequacy of public services. A professional is adept to analyzing the future of neighborhoods, the value of a home as a long-range investment and the most advantageous financing.

This is where your Realtor enters the picture. A Realtor is a professional in real estate who has passed a state licensing examination and who subscribes to a strict code of ethics as a member of the local and state boards and the National Association of Real Estate Boards. When you are ready to buy a property, look for the Realtor emblem, it's your assurance of professional know-how in all real estate matters.