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How to Stop a Dog from Jumping

Jumping dog

It can be very embarrassing to have some friends come over and be greeted by the family dog acting crazy and jumping in their face.

So, my question to you is: Are you deliberately training your family dog to jump on people? Of course not, why would you do that?

Do you come home from work only to be greeted by your dog jumping up? So you pick him up, hug and kiss for a while, go to the kitchen cabinet and give him a treat. Or maybe your dog greets you on a dead run down the driveway and plants his dirty feet on your chest. You wrestle around for a few minutes and then go to the water spigot to give him a fresh bucket of water before you go inside the house. What a great dog trainer you are!

Whether or not you want to admit this, you have actually been training your dog to jump whenever he needs attention by rewarding him every time he does so. I am sure there are people who have nothing against paw prints on their sweater, but if you are not one of them, you will want to make some radical changes. Read on to find out how to stop a dog from jumping up on people.

If you have already taught your dog to sit, then you must use the sit command once you see him in the take-off position. Don’t forget to praise him if he obeys your command. Otherwise, here is how to teach your dog to sit.

You can use a slip collar and a leash to train your dog to sit on command. Tell him to sit while pulling the leash up and pushing down on his rump. When he catches on give him a lot of praise, hugs and kisses.

Sometimes it might be necessary to use the old “knee in the chest” approach. As much as this sounds cruel, bear in mind that this is not a hard kick, but rather a light shove. Whenever he tries to jump up and gets blocked by your knee he will understand that things aren’t quite right. Your knee will put him off balance and make him fall backwards.

Whenever you try this approach, make sure you don’t do it on the deck as he might fall off and get hurt, or anywhere near lamps, expensive vases etc. Use some common sense here. Also, don’t fail to remember to always reward your dog every time he does things right.

There is one more trick you can try on your dog, just don’t do this in public as you might make a fool out of yourself.

When your dog jumps on you, grab his front paws and don’t let go. Play some music and dance around the floor a few times. If your dog isn’t into dancing he will find this position very uncomfortable and will try to do anything to get back on all fours. Again, watch where you try this approach.

Training your dog to behave in a manner that is acceptable to you is not cruel. Using these methods to stop a dog from jumping is much better that punishing him by having him outside in solitude.

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