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How to Keep Rabbits


When we think of bunny rabbits, we visualize warm, floppy ears and big eyes. Now why wouldn’t you want to keep rabbits as pets?

For the most part, rabbits are healthy pets that make great companions. However, just like each dog breed is unique in its own way and must fit in with the owner, so must the rabbit. For example, not everyone could own an English mastiff. The same goes for rabbits. They are very delicate creatures that must be handled with great care.

Rabbits have long ears that can stand up straight or flop to the side. These ears actually serve a purpose. They help the rabbit warm up or cool of as needed.

By nature, rabbits are usually very timid and shy and they have a quiet personality. Rabbits become very friendly and loving to their owners in a quiet, gentle and careful environment. In case you have pre-school kids who like to play war games, then you should reconsider keeping rabbits as pets. In a quiet household with mature lads, rabbits will make wonderful pets.

We all know that rabbits love vegetables. However, just like any other pet, a rabbit needs a balanced diet in the form of rabbit pellets. The manufacturers who make rabbit pellets know their nutritional needs and how to keep rabbits healthy.

All rabbits love apples, carrots, oranges and even broccoli. However, you should not feed cabbage or lettuce to your rabbit as they can be dangerous in large amounts.

Since rabbit’s teeth grow all its life it is important to keep the teeth the normal length at all times or else your rabbit might get serious mouth problems that will prevent him from eating properly. You can provide a chewing toy for your rabbit of have your veterinarian trim the teeth regularly.

When it comes to housing, you can keep rabbits either outside in a hutch or inside your house, just make sure you provide him with an appropriate housing during the cold winter nights as well as hot summer days.

It is also a good idea to take your pet rabbit to the veterinarians office once a year. He will listen to his heart and lungs, check his ears for earmites and determine if his teeth are the proper length.

In order to give your bunny rabbit a good home filled with love you need to read up on as much information as you can. Consult your veterinarian or find out if anyone can give you some additional information when it comes to keeping rabbits as pets.

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