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How to Keep Pets off Furniture

keep Pets off Furniture

Do you know how to keep pets off furniture, other than closing doors and installing gates? Although you can train a dog or cat to stay off the furniture while you are at home, when you are away, most animals will do exactly as they want!

To keep dogs off furniture, your best bet is to use an electronic collar and to “wire” either the pieces of furniture or the doorways of the rooms you wish to keep your dog from entering. When your dog is wearing its collar and the system is plugged in, the dog will receive a slight shock when it tries to cross the electronic barrier. These systems are widely available in pet stores and the pet departments of large discount stores. Please follow the directions carefully. NEVER use an electronic collar on a puppy; instead, confine the puppy in a comfortable, roomy cage while you are out of the house.

The best solution for keeping cats off furniture is a little item called a Snappy Trainer, which is nothing more than a mousetrap with a big plastic flap attached to (and covering) the snapping portion of the trap. Set the trap and place it wherever you want to discourage the cat’s presence. Being naturally curious, the cat will investigate the trap, it will snap and fly through the air. The cat will be unharmed but startled. Do this three or four times and Puss will start avoiding the trap and the area. This doesn’t work on dogs. They figure out immediately that the trap is harmless.

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