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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas on Dogs

Fleas can cause serious problems to your dog. They can be very dangerous as they can cause allergies and infections. Furthermore, they won’t mind biting you as well. Fleas are very persistent; once you find one, prepare to find hundreds more.

First, take care of your dog’s health and hygiene, as it will keep the fleas away. Just like you, your dog needs healthy food to be able to fight potential infections. Also, give him a bath at least once a week with warm soapy water and a flea shampoo. Start at the base of the tale and end at the base of the scull.

You will know your dog has fleas if he starts scratching and biting himself. Also, check if your dog has any flea dirt on his body, and wash him immediately. You will recognize it as brownish spots, or reddish when wet.

To get rid of fleas on your dog, brush and comb your dog every day using a special flea comb. It’s helpful in getting rid of the fleas as it has very tight teeth which trap the fleas. Wash it after combing, and do it again and again until the comb stays clean, without any fleas after you go through the dog’s hair.

Next, make sure you clean your house. Use a vacuum cleaner and soapy water for your carpets, rugs, floor, and every hidden corner of your home, as fleas may be hiding there. Pay special attention to the place where your dog spends most of his time. You can use anti-insect shampoo. Don’t forget to clean your garden, as well, since that’s where the fleas usually come from. Cut the grass, remove the fallen leaves, and spray it with an environmentally friendly product.

Consider buying chemicals or make your own. Use a flea insecticide that you can apply on your dog’s body.

It’s best if you take your dog to the vet and get some professional advice on which product to use, for he will know what is safe for you and the environment. Otherwise, you might end up poisoning you and your family, or destroying the furniture and carpets in your house.

Here is an interesting flea spray recipe that you can make yourself. Mix citrus peels and some water in the blender, add rosemary and a few garlic cloves, boil for about 15 minutes and strain. Fill a spray bottle with it when it cools, and you can use it in the house, outside and even on your dog.

Olive oil is good for getting rid of fleas without harming your dog. The only unpleasant thing about olive oil is the fact that it’s difficult to wash off, so you will have to bathe your dog several times before it is completely removed.

House salt is also helpful, since fleas don’t like it at all. Just spread some on your dog’s fur and on the area where he spends most of his time, and the fleas will run away. They also don’t like vinegar and garlic, so try to add small amounts into your dog’s food, and the fleas will surely look for another dog.

Believe it or not, dish liquid also kills fleas, so use it to wash your dog in it, and remember to soak it for several minutes. Just rinse it well after you finish. You can also use it for cleaning your house.

And finally, a flea collar for your dog might be a good idea in the flea season.

Whatever you do, don’t wait for them to go away by themselves, because fleas are stubborn little beings and it will get harder to get rid of them as the time passes.

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