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How to Crate Train a Puppy

Crate Train a Puppy Today, we will share with you an invaluable tool for training puppies and dogs. It’s called a dog crate. If you happen to be unfamiliar with what exactly a dog crate is, it is basically a “cage”, usually made from hard plastic or galvanized steel with vent holes. Read on to find out how to crate train a puppy. botte ugg pas cher Dog owners are usually unable to be with their puppies at all times monitoring what they are doing. air max pas cher So, in a way, crates are canine baby sitters. They come in handy for playful puppies, particularly those who like to chew. Let us imagine the following situation. ugg chaussons You come home from work, and your hungry kids naturally want dinner. Your puppy is going crazy with excitement and you don’t know what to do. This is when you are expected to put things under control. Instead of letting your puppy running crazy around your house, you can place your dog in the crate and concentrate on family dinner or whatever else is going on at that time. Once your puppy calms down, he can come out again and resume activities with family members. Please bear in mind that crates are not torture devices and they must not be misused. Your puppy should not spend half of his life in the crate box. As much as some people consider this to be animal cruelty, it is alright to keep your puppy in the crate while you are away from the house. Crate training a puppy works best when using the crate for short periods of time, especially when you are home. Put the crate in the kitchen or the living room, or any other room where you and your family spend most of your time. cheap ffxiv Items The crate should be placed in a central location in your house. This way, you will make the training process more pleasurable for both you and the dog, because your puppy won’t feel left out. Gradually increase the time your puppy spends in his crate and once the crate training has completed you can safely leave your puppy in his “house” while you are away from the house. nike air max soldes Make sure you don’t leave food and water in the crate when you are absent from the house, as puppies will usually make a mess, especially during the inital phase of crate training. After the training has completed, water and food in the crate box is absolutely fine. Moreover, it is a good practice to feed your puppy in his crate to make this area friendly to your puppy. I cannot stress enough that you must never use the crate as a means of punishment. Use it only to crate train a puppy related to excessive pleasure experiences. If you do this right, you will notice that your puppy will eventually start to consider the crate as his safe and secure place for sleeping, eating or relaxing. Good luck with crate training your puppy.

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