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How to Avoid Dog Bites

Dog biting

Although kids and dogs are usually a happy combination, dog bites are more frequently suffered by children than by adults. Lack of understanding of animals is a basic reason for dog bites. Over-excited dogs are more likely to bite. Children should not play ball, ride a bicycle or run close to an excited or nervous animal. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid dog bites:

- Don’t give a dog to a child under six years of age and avoid the combination of young children and young dogs, which are more prone to bite.

- Teach a child not to pet a dog while he is being fed, nor take the food away from him; not to intervene in a dog fight; not to suddenly arouse a sleeping dog; not to handle puppies when the mother dog is around.

- Never thrust your face close to a dog’s face unless you are the animal’s beloved owner. The proximity of a human face is disturbing to a dog and many children suffer disfiguring facial wounds because of ignorance of this fact. Male dogs are less likely to bite than female dogs, and hounds are the safest dogs to own. Most frequent biters are dogs of the large, watchdog-type breeds. The aforementioned tips are valid for children and adults likewise and you will easily avoid dog bites if you take them seriously.

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