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How to Install Wood Floors

Wood Floors

People used to think that to install a wood floor your home had to come with one, but that isn’t true today. Now you can install an elegant wood plank floor over almost any subfloor – old hardwood, vinyl, even concrete. It’s quick and easy with the do-it-yourself glue-down plank hardwood floors.

They feature a milled tongue and groove on the sides and ends of the planks that lock them together for a tight, durable and professional-looking installation.

How to install wood floors:

Prior to starting, always read the detailed instructions in the carton. Then simply follow these four easy steps:

1. Remove the moldings from around the floor. Then, to insure a square installation, measure three feet out from the longest wall at two different points and mark point 1 and point 2.

2. Snap a chalkline the length of the room across points 1 and 2.

3. Spread the adhesive in the largest section of the room, working back to the chalkline. Do not cover the chalkline. Be sure you read the instructions on the adhesive label.

4. Install a row of planks, tongue side on the chalkline. Continue adding rows of planks working toward the far wall. Walk in or roll the floor to set the planks in the adhesive. Now repeat steps 3 and 4 on the remaining area. Replace the moldings.

Glue-down installation is easy, and so is the floor care on this new generation of hardwood floors, once the floor is laid. Wood warms a room twice – once with insulation and again with style. You can bring both to your home if you know how to install wood floors.

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