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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes


We all know what a mosquito is and what it feels like after one of them sinks his proboscis into our soft and tender skin. Most of us know by now they are out in full force. So, the big question is how to get rid of mosquitoes.

Many new biological controls are available today, for example (BT) Bacillus thuringiensis. For plants, decking, shrubs and other areas outside your home, you can use an aerosol fogger at dusk to get rid of mosquitoes, because that is the time of the day when mosquitoes are most active.

Alternatively, you can use Lindane or Malathion as a spray. Bear in mind that sprays are effective for only a couple of days so make sure you read the label and follow the directions. When it comes to protecting the interior of your home from mosquitoes, you can use insecticide mist or aerosol bomb (again, don’t forget to read the directions).

When going outside you should wear long pants and sleeves as well as use a skin repellent. There are many skin repellents on the market for both skin and clothing and they usually feel good and smell OK.

What a skin repellent does is confuse a mosquito so that he doesn’t know where to go. If you want to buy an effective skin repellent, make sure it contains Indalone, Diethyl toluamide or dimethyl phtalate. It stands to reason that you need to keep them away from your eyes and mouth.

In case of animal troughs and ornamental pools with no fish in them, you can consider using mosquito fish, which you can get for free. Fish will eat up mosquito fish, so they don’t work well in ponds that contain fish. You can also use diesel oil or higrade mineral oil on ponds with or without fish in them. If using oil on ponds that contain fish, apply a very thin layer over the top until you see a light rainbow on the water.

In Doughboy-type pools or similar, use 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil. Mixing it with a few drops of detergent will help to disburse the oil. In case of larger ponds (about 1 acre or more), use less than one gallon and apply it very thinly.

Since mosquito eggs must be in water to hatch, you should also consider dumping out pails, pans and containers as well as draining old tires. Filling in drain holes, gutters or ditches will also help as well as filling holes in tress with sand.

Throughout the world, mosquitoes are considered a serious health hazard because they carry almost 100 diseases, so it is very important to know how to get rid of them.

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