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How to Choose a Kitchen Layout Shape

Kitchen Layout

What’s cooking in the kitchen may be plans for remodeling. Before deciding on a new kitchen layout shape, however, you must determine what you want your kitchen to do.

There are four basic kitchen shapes recognized by professional kitchen designers:

The U-shape is favored by homeowners as the most efficient, but it only works if you have a space at least 9 feet by 9 feet. The sink is at the bottom of the U. and the range and refrigerator are along the sides. The appliances then form the points of an equal-legged triangle. The U permits plenty of wall space for cabinets and windows and the dead-end eliminates through traffic from the work pattern.

The L-shaped kitchen layout is less functional, but excellent for a family that likes to assemble in the kitchen. L-shape is popular where two or more cooks might use the kitchen at the same time, because there are only two confining walls to contend with.

The corridor or galley-shaped kitchen, which boasts economical use of space, is often found in apartments. The appliances can be placed along one wall and countertops and cabinets along the other, or if you have a room at least 8 feet wide, you may place appliances on opposite walls. Avoid having an opening at both ends of a corridor kitchen because it poses a problem for the cook working in those tight quarters to have any through traffic.

The one-wall kitchen layout is the least functional. The challenge here is to provide adequate storage and work surfaces without the distances between work centers becoming too great.

If you are concerned with how to choose a kitchen shape the above tips and suggestions will surely help you remodel and build a kitchen from your dreams.

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