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How to Choose the Color of your House

house color

What color should your house be? Deciding on a color for the exterior of your house can get weighed down with ponderous thoughts like, “I’ll be living with this for years.” Suddenly the homeowner can identify with the artist staring at a blank canvas, the writer staring at a white paper.

Following decades of white paint, exterior house colors are making up for lost time, and choices run the spectrum. At the local paint store you are faced with several hundred color cards. Decorating centers can mix colors to your specification. Don’t worry. Painter’s block can be overcome.

First find out if there are local restrictions on color. If you live in a historic community, a newer subdivision or a townhouse community, it’s not uncommon to find a list of “approved colors.”

Look at the natural environment. The bright pastels that look great on houses in Florida may look completely out of place in the Midwest. Choose a color that’s compatible with the appearance and ambience of your local environment. Consider the colors of your neighbors’ homes. Most people want their homes to be distinctive, but they should not be at odds with the neighborhood color scheme. Your own house can be enhanced by the colors surrounding it.

It’s important to take into account the style of your house. Some paint colors best complement certain architectural styles. White works well on formal colonial and greek revival homes. Earthtones are a good choice for many houses incorporating natural textures like stone and natural wood. Victorian gingerbread houses are enhanced by a bold color treatment.

Consider the color of any fixed features of your home, such as the roof color and any brick, stone, or unpainted masonry. After you have looked at all these factors, go with what appeals to you. You should still have a rainbow of exterior colors to choose from. Select a reflection of your own personality. There is no wrong choice, just individual preference, so enjoy.

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