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How to Choose a Mattress

Mattress Everybody knows that water beds are the best beds for your back, right? Wrong. During the 1970s, the concept of water beds caught on like a wildfire because it was believed that a mattress filled with water would shape to the contours of your back and give the necessary comfort to your spine for a good night’s sleep. However, it was soon discovered that our weight is all but evenly distributed over our body. Naturally, some people are heavier in the middle than at either end, for example many people have more weight attached to their hips or waist thus creating a “V” shape when they lie on their backs or even risk suffocating when lying on their belly. Then came the more expensive waveless and semi-wave waterbeds with baffles and tubes coursing through the mattress and keeping the bed from creating wave effects. cheap ffxiv gil Although these provided more support to our body while sleeping, they still did not create adequate support for the spine and pelvis. Though you could not body surf on tube designed beds like on full-wave style beds, the rolling and bobbing while turning still continued to a certain degree. The designs changed and improved, but they just couldn’t give the support necessary for a healthy night’s sleep. So, how are you supposed to choose a mattress? What is best? A firm or extra firm? Or maybe sleeping on the floor is better? What about brand names? Is Sealy better than Beauty Rest? Or maybe you should consider buying a Simmons mattress or maybe even a Springwell mattress? The fact is, all top quality brand names are comparable. They all have a distinct and unique spring design, or some patented engineering marvel that the manufacture feels makes theirs the best. nike internationalist They also vary considerably, from medium to firm and extra firm support. Some mattresses come with quilted tops and some have pillow cushions. Some of them even enable you to sit up and watch TV or even read in bed. So, with all the choices available, the question of how to choose a mattress persists. ffxiv Items

What is the best mattress to buy?

Best mattress If you are of average size and weight, a firm mattress is definitely the best, preferably with pillow cushion top that shapes to the body contours. In case you are overweight, go for an extra firm mattress. If the support and proper design is your main concern, then the size of your mattress is not important. Buying a queen or king size bed is really a matter of personal choice as long as proper back support is your main concern. My personal favorite is a Springwell mattress with the pillow cushion from their chiropractic line of mattresses. adidas zx flux belgique They have the endorsement of The American Chiropractic Association.

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