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How to Arrange Flowers

Flower arrangement

You will find as many flower arranging ideas as there are people arranging flowers. Here, we will offer a few tips on how to arrange flowers, which will make that arrangement a little nicer and last a little longer.

There are no secret color combinations. As long as the colors blend and do not clash, you can basically use any color combination in the same container. You can try them all and stick to what you like the most. As far as size is concerned, it can be anything from a single flower in a bud vase to a large mass of one color.

Among the flowers that go well alone are roses, dahlias and gladiolus. You can add a touch of greenery to complement the color and size of the flower.

Cutting the flowers early in the morning or in the early evening will make them last longer because they contain the best moisture at that time of the day. Use pruning shears or a sharp knife to cut the plant. You can also split or crush the woody stems for better water absorption.

As soon as you cut the plant, place the flower in lukewarm water. Plain frosted vases don’t take away from the flowers and will hide a plant holder that you may want to place in the bottom. On the other hand, a clear vase can take away from the flower arrangement by showing the cut stems.

It is very easy to place foliage and its large stems in the vase first. However, make sure you don’t use flowers or foliage with too many side branches. Straight stems go directly into place. In order to eliminate the leaves that will eventually decay in the water, strip the stems before putting them in the water.

Rounded flowers like zinnias and tulips add to weight and substance whereas spiky flowers are good for shaping and arrangement. If you want to give a softer finishing touch you can add finely leaved foliage or some small flowers around prominent blossoms.

Keep larger flowers and dark colors down low with smaller and lighter flowers going to the outer edges. Weaving the colors and shapes of the flowers throughout the arrangement keeps the viewer’s eye moving.

Don’t forget to remove drooping flowers and to keep your arrangement watered at all times. You can also trim the foliage and add fresh flowers to your arrangement. Bulkier flowers toward the center give a focal point.

To give your home a special look without investing in an expensive flower garden, you can pick wild flowers from the ditches before they get mowed. This is the best way to arrange flowers by enjoying nature’s summer gifts at the same time.

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