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How to Add Personality to Your Bedroom


The way you decorate your home says a lot about you. A rustic, country look can give the overall feel of being laid back and a lover of the outdoors. But a chic elegant look can give more of an impression to visitors that you enjoy the finer things in life. Regardless of how you decorate, your home must match your personality for you to love living there. One of the most important rooms to match your personality is your bedroom. This is the place where you fall into slumber each night and must be completely comfortable. To feel comfortable in this space, you must be in your element and surrounded by all of the things that make you feel great.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to bring your personality out in your bedroom style:

If you are versatile with your style…

If you are known for always having the latest styles, you will not sleep well surrounded by last year’s color scheme. Instead, buy furniture that can withstand the test of time, such as whites, wood, or iron, and keep your bedspread, pillows and bedside accessories updated to the latest trend. This will make it easy for you to constantly stay in style without having the burden of redecorating your entire room each time you are ready to make an update.

If your favorite past time is reading a good book in bed…

Bedrooms are a place where you can cuddle up with a good book before going to sleep at night, and stay warm and protected feeling when you are sick. You should feel cozy and safe in this room and your décor can help. To create a cozy atmosphere, buy a bench for the bottom of your bed. This will instantly create a convenient sitting area and serves as a great place to put throw blankets and pillows for extra warmth. Use a padded headboard if you frequently lean up against it. And find a soothing color, such as green or blue.

If you are artistic…

If you love the arts and have a creative spirit, stay inspired as you head into your oasis with patterns and colors that bring you joy. Crown molding can add a particularly artistic touch to any ceiling. Colors and stripes along the border can also frame the room in an elegant and artsy way. Once you have your wall colors and patterns, find artwork that calms you and makes you smile. This artwork will be one of the last things you see each day and one of the first things you see in the morning so must be something that brings you joy.

If you are sentimental…

There is a sentimental side in all of us, particularly when it comes to such a personal space as the bedroom. Bring out your sentimental side with photography. You can easily hang photos of the people you love to surround yourself with personalities that are familiar to you and that bring you happiness. By surrounding yourself with these people, you can bridge geographic barriers, feel more connected, and keep your sense of peace as you enter your room.

Most of all, your room must be familiar and calming. Choose your style and find what brings you joy. Once you know, take that theme and incorporate it into your interior design so you can surround yourself with happiness and peace in a room that is meant for slumber and relaxation.

Tess Pajaron is part of the team behind OpenColleges. Her background stems from her exposure to their family-owned construction business. She is a lover of minimalist modern designs and architecture. On her spare time, she loves to travel.

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