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How to Make Crepe Paper Roses

Crepe Paper Roses

Crepe paper isn’t just for Halloween costumes and art projects, it’s a legitimate craft supply for homedecorating and gift-giving. It is a durable, colorful and inexpensive material perfect for wrapping gifts and for making package decorations, like the featured rose package decoration. In a few minutes, you can cut and shape enough single rose petals to make the most delicate flowers out of crepe paper.

There are two secrets to making these most convincing-looking crepe paper roses. First, two layers of different-colored crepe paper have been used so each rose petal takes on a two-toned, more natural look; second, the edges of the petals have been rolled around the handle of a narrow watercolor brush so they curl over naturally.

You need:

2 packages crepe paper (pink and yellow)
a spool of green medium-gauge wire
1 roll green floral tape
3 silk green leaves
Scrap paper
1 watercolor paintbrush (or 1/4 inch-diameter dowel stick)
Ruler, scissors, pencil
Optional: light-blue crepe paper for gift wrapping and grosgrain ribbon

Here’s how to make crepe paper roses:

1. To make pattern for rose petal, freehand draw on scrap paper one tear-shaped petal approximately 3 inches wide at its widest part, and 4 inches high from curved top to pointed base. Cut out petal pattern.

2. To transfer pattern, lay pattern on pink crepe paper, and trace around shape using pencil; cut around shape, cutting through all thickness; set flat petals aside.

3. Repeat Step 2 with yellow crepe paper.

4. To form double-layer petal, lay one yellow and one pink petal together to create twotoned petal.

5. Shape bowl in widest part of both layers of petal by stretching a soft “U” shape, using fingers and thumbs.

6. Repeat for eight double-layer rose petals.

7. To curl top edges of petal, roll top left edge around narrowest part of handle of watercolor brush.

8. Crimp paper along handle of brush to secure curl, removing handle when desired curl is achieved.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to curl right top edge of petal.

10. Repeat for remaining petals.

11. To form inner bud, cut a strip approximately 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

12. Twist strip lengthwise, then fold in half.

13. Secure twist using wire; use floral tape to conceal wire.

14. Attach petals one by one to stem by laying bottom of petal against wire at base of bud and bowl of petal around center twist. Squeeze bottom of petal tightly against wire and center bud; bind in place with spool wire.

15. Continue working around central bud until all petals are bound in place.

16. Conceal wire using floral tape. Twist single silk leaves to stem, if desired.

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