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Weight Loss

So you're not losing weight as fast as you think you should and - cross your heart and hope to die - you've been faithful to it. You haven't cheated at all. Let's be sure about that last statement before we suggest you're that rare person who has an exotic medical disorder that makes weight loss - even on starvation fare - virtually impossible.

Maybe you haven't cheated consciously, but unconsciously you may be guilty. This is the case if:

- You helped yourself to an extra bit of butter.
- You moistened your meat with just a little gravy.
- You ate the chicken without removing the skin.
- You had a drink or two on Saturday night.
- You "cleaned" the plate - even though your appetite had long been satisfied.
- You had an extra helping because "it tasted so good."
- You did a lot of sampling while cooking dinner to be certain everything was seasoned to perfection.

A little extra mouthful here, a little extra mouthful there and, without realizing it, you're adding substantial calories to your daily tally. When you're dieting, you've got to budget calories so they don't get out of bounds. Every extra little bit helps make losing weight difficult.

Sometimes when weight stands still, it's not because you've gone off your diet but because you need to exercise too. Some people, as they cut down on the amount of food they eat, almost automatically cut down on activity. That's a mistake.

Exercise is an essential part of a reducing regime because it burns stored fat and gives dieting a push in the right direction. Exercise is important, so out of your easy chair and into action.