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How to Strengthen Your Legs

Strengthen Legs

If you want to learn how to strengthen your legs the training technique and plan I will provide is one that you will find easy to achieve. The goal is to strengthen your legs like solid tree stups, and slowly grow them while keeping them strong and solid. In this way you will achieve not only size, but endurance and strength. Unlike most workout techniques, you will not lose your muscle mass within a short period of time of stopping your training. This technique is for building leg muscles made to last.

Start with 30 squats, immediately followed by 10 lunges. Take a 30 second break stretching your legs and taking a small sip of water. Repeat this procedure altering only the number of squats you do, and the weight you hold. 5 sets should be done, with reps counting 30, 15, 8, 4, 4, and a weight increase of only 1-2kg at a time.

Next do the 5 sets of 45% leg press immediately followed by leg press calf extensions. Use the same number of reps as in the previous exercise block (30 followed by 10, 15 followed by 10, 8 followed by 10 etc.).

The next leg strengthening exercise is seated leg extension followed by 10 weighted lunges. Once again, complete the 5 sets with rep structure as in the previous exercises. After this continue the same routine with lying leg curl plus 8 10” high power jumps (jump up and step down).

Make sure you take 2 minute breaks between exercise blocks and ONLY increase the weight by 1-2 kg. I suggest starting with minimal or even no weight for the each first set (of 30 reps) so that you have endurance for the entire workout. Make sure you eat plenty of proteins and carbohydrates and throughout each day of the week and after each workout. Also make sure not to drink too much water during the workout, but in small sips. Only conduct this legs workout once per week until your legs adjust. Once they have adjusted you can do this twice per week, but make sure they have rested and 100% recovered before doing the same workout again. Do not be fooled into thinking you can achieve large and rock solid legs like the ones in the photo overnight. Do not think too much about this workout or its benefits, rather put it into your weekly routine and within a few months you will look down and see a significant difference.

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