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How to Start Losing Weight

Losing Weight

You don’t have to be fat, you know. You can start losing weight right away if you have the right mindset. You don’t have to accept yourself the way you are. You do have to resolve never to cop out again. You do have to realize that your life can be better than it is today.

I don’t care how terrific your life is now, this very minute, I promise you, it can be better. All you have to do is stop feeling sorry for yourself and confess being overweight. Only after you have done that can you start losing weight.

Now that you’ve gotten it off your chest, you can start losing weight off your hips, your legs, your arms, your turn and your bottom. Slap your face a few times – time to snap out of it, kid! Take a pen and circle all your real estate that needs some work. Grab that fat and just throw it around the room. Let it know who’s the boss. Let it know that you’re in charge now. Face realities!

By now your weight problem, no matter how big or small, should be out in the open. By now you should know that overeating is a slow and destructive process that continually attacks every part of your life. And once you understand that and realize that this is not what or where you really want to be, you will be ready to face up to a weight loss that will stay off.

You can wipe away all those chocolate-covered nightmares and change your life forever. You have to know up front that there are definite responsibilities and fears involved in losing weight. You should learn what they are NOW and become able to deal with them.

For many, being overweight is a catchall excuse for everything that is wrong in their lives. If they have no friends, don’t get the jobs and can’t make ends meet, they look down and around and blame it on being fat. If they were no longer fat and still had these problems, they would have to look inward for solutions – and that, my friends, can be just too painful to contemplate: “Everyone tells me I am so beautiful and if I lose weight I would really be a knockout; but that really scares me because what if I do lose weight and do look super and then nothing happens? No Prince Charming? No terrific career? Nothing different? What would I do then?

The whole world has this “what if” complex it leans on. Well, what if you never lose the weight and never better yourself and what if you continue in your race with food? So stop all the questions and the ifs and start facing reality. If you are not happy with your hips (or whatever else seems to be bothering you), then it should be obvious that what you are doing and how you are living is not working and you must learn how to start losing weight immediately.

So you’ve got to change and change until you find the formula that works for you! Hey, there’s a terrific person inside of you – just start learning to take some chances… that’s it, chances! Don’t settle for anything you’re not happy with – prove to yourself you can do it! You can start losing weight!

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