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How to Slow Down Aging


Senility can’t be reversed, but people can be helped and taught how to slow down aging process naturally. There is a big difference between chronological science and physiological genetics. The psychology of aging also is important because how you visualize yourself determines many things in a society that regards aging as horrible. Eighty-year-olds who ignore the calendar can function like 40-year-olds, and 40-year-olds can also act like octogenarians.

Many aspects of aging are elusive to medical science, including the big one – what really causes aging – but great inroads are being made and you can slow down aging and stay younger far beyond your chronological years with knowledge elicited in recent years. What are the things that can slow down aging naturally?

Eating living foods, exercising to stress muscles, learning new things to sharpen our memories, avoiding stresses and ultra-violet rays of the sun, and developing an inner optimism, hope and faith puts one in control of his body and slows down the aging process.

Nursing homes concentrate on distracting patients from the fact they are slowly dying. Recent memories suffer when new things aren’t being learned. The normal thing should be to look forward to a new activity at retirement and to consider ourselves functional to the end.

The whole system needs changing, but where do you start? In addition to having their lifelines cut, the indigent can bankrupt young people. Then, too, millions are spent by governments to regenerate the elderly; whereas the money might be spent on preventive medicine to slow down aging. It should begin in one’s prime, preferably by age 30, but it is never too late to begin.

Here are some ideas you might put into practice to slow down aging:


Eat living foods – yeast, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, cheese. Eat young forms of life that are still developing and have growth substances in them. As soon as you sever the source of life, the food begins to die. Fish can be eaten fresher than meat, which often is eaten long after it has begun to deteriorate.

Choose whole foods rather than segments. Whole wheat is preferable to white flour, which discards the wheat germ.

Natural foods should be preferred to vitamin pills unless they are medically prescribed Present the body with natural substances and it will throw off what it doesn’t want. Load it with vitamin pills and it may be forced to accept what it doesn’t need. If one were to eat the large amount of food represented by the concentration in the pill, one might be warned by becoming ill.

The cheapest yeast food is bread. A cake of yeast (the kind used for baking) is the best natural source of vitamins. Keep it in the refrigerator and chip off a piece a couple of times a week.

Vitamin C and E foods are thought to be antistress and antitoxicant and may play a definite role in slowing the aging process. “C” foods include citrus fruits, peppers, turnip greens, broccoli, kale. Raw fruit is a good source because cooking destroys some of the vitamin. “E” is in green lettuce, other green leaves, wheat germ, the oils of seeds (corn, etc.)


If you want to learn how to slow down aging your life must be devoid of any stressful situations. Our aim should be to improve the body’s ability to resist stress that we are exposed to physically, mentally, bacterially. Smoke pollution, radiation, food additives increase the rate of oxidation reactions creating stress on our bodies.

Avoid ultra-violet radiation by avoiding sun between 10 and 3 in climates where the sun is strong, unless you are completely covered or coated with a sun screen substance which will help filter the rays.


Exercise each day to keep your body from deteriorating and slow down aging. Walking is the simplest form. Exercise carries waste materials out of the body with water and improves the quality of skin, a fantastic organ which is always perspiring, by letting it function as a waste disposer along with the kidneys.

Sometimes, brilliant minds of engineers, lawyers and others are vegetating within a short time, even though the people are in their prime. Society persuades people they are finished at a certain point and they are psyched into believing it, a tremendous waste of brain power and creative thinking. Young people cannot replace them because a great benefit of age is experience and the ability to apply what has been learned to new things.

All in all, if you want to learn how to slow down aging you must make every part of your body function at its peak all the time. You don’t single out one segment to treat.

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